This Spring, Celebrate Artistic Beauty with Hills Aesthetics

Los Angeles is filled with galleries celebrating art through the ages, but with the cosmetic procedures at Hills Aesthetics, patients can embody art wherever they are.

Apr 10, 2013, 14:15 ET from Hills Aesthetics

LOS ANGELES, April 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- With the weather warm, the skies bright and the trees lush, spring is an excellent time to appreciate artistic beauty in Los Angeles. From the Los Angeles Center for Modern Art and the Getty Villa, to the growing downtown artistic community, there is plenty to see and appreciate throughout the city. However, appreciation of art doesn't have to end at museums and galleries – with the renowned cosmetic and reconstructive surgery professionals at Hills Aesthetics, you can achieve timeless beauty throughout all aspects of your life.

Those who have studied art and aesthetic design in fields like painting, sculpting, sketching or architecture can confirm that symmetry is a vital component of beauty. Acclaimed for his skill in performing a rhinoplasty, plastic surgeon in Los Angeles Dr. Shervin Aminpour uses both his top-notch surgical skills and his well-trained, artistic eye to ensure the natural beauty of each patient is revealed.

Considering its placement in the center of the face, a nose that is symmetrical and balanced plays a subtle but important role in any truly eye-catching face. If certain nasal features create asymmetry, such as an overly bulbous tip or excessively wide, flaring nostrils, the detrimental effect on the face's overall beauty can be substantial. In most cases, Dr. Aminpour uses his understated methods to create simple harmony between the right and left side of the nose. By balancing the features, patients at Hills Aesthetics can attain the symmetrical beauty to which people naturally respond favorably.

Like any procedure, the blepharoplasty cost can seem significant to some patients at the outset. When done for strictly cosmetic reasons, the procedure must almost always be paid for out-of-pocket. However, compared to other procedures, the cost is actually quite minimal, and the boost in confidence often received after the procedure is invaluable. For anyone with a true appreciation of beauty, the cost will seem negligible in comparison to the confidence and joy brought by knowing their features exemplify the kind of classic beauty that has been celebrated through the ages.

Anyone who is considering undergoing the life-changing procedure should take a look at the rhinoplasty before and after photos on the official Hills Aesthetics website for an example of Dr. Aminpour's impressive work. A seasoned artist in any visual field would likely be able to point to the basic tenets of design and artistry on display in Dr. Aminpour's procedures.

Beauty is all too rare in this world, and it should be celebrated whenever possible. If you feel beautiful on the inside, there is no reason that your physical appearance shouldn't reflect that. Whether you are ready to accentuate your own natural beauty, or if you're simply curious about the confidence-building methods used by Dr. Aminpour, contact the friendly staff at Hills Aesthetics either online at or at 818-646-6969 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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