Thoora Launches New Content Discovery Engine That Bridges Aggregation, Curation + Search

Robust Engine and Curation Features Combine to Deliver Personalized Topic Feed

In a Tweet: New Content Discovery Engine @Thoora Combines Aggregation, Curation + Search for Personalized Topic Streams

Sep 22, 2011, 09:00 ET from Thoora

NEW YORK, Sept. 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- With new content appearing on news sites, blogs and social networks every minute, finding the good stuff is an overwhelming and time-consuming task for anyone prowling the web for information. Today, Thoora announces the launch of a sophisticated content discovery engine that gives users a new way to discover, monitor and share the best of the web on specific topics, covering traditional news, blog posts, images, feeds and Tweets.

Bridging aggregation, curation and search, Thoora is powered by a robust, patented engine that scours 28 million online sources and uses more than 100 signals to find and rank content. Thoora gives users the tools to curate results, and the engine learns from that curation, ultimately generating a highly personalized feed. Thoora is the first to apply such technology to a content discovery tool, combining the best of aggregation and human curation to drive top-notch results.

"Our engine finds the freshest, highest quality content on topics that are important to users. Thoora learns each individual user's likes and dislikes, so that content keeps getting better and more relevant," says Carrie Shaw, Head of Product. "As a result, Thoora will save knowledge seekers a ton of time and make them smarter."

Overview of Thoora features:

  • Custom search allows users to build topics with multiple keywords, encompassing more than one idea or concept
  • Topics based on search terms drive a high quality information stream, including news articles, blog posts and images
  • Personalization features let users curate their content by 'favorite'-ing and/or removing articles, posts, specific sources and/or types of sources
  • RSS feeds can be imported to cover each user's 'must-read' sources
  • Twitter feeds can be incorporated and filtered by search terms, including hashtags
  • Social sharing seamlessly connects Thoora topics and content directly to users' social networks
  • Topic DNA gives full transparency into how topics are built, exposing keywords, RSS and Twitter feeds, Thoora user, user refinement and topic followers

About Thoora

Born and raised in Toronto, Thoora is a sophisticated content discovery engine that gives users a way to discover, monitor and share the best of the web on specific topics. Thoora's robust patented engine scours more than 28 million online sources, including traditional news sites, blog posts, images, RSS feeds and Tweets while learning from user behavior to generate a highly personalized topic feed. Bridging aggregation, curation and search, Thoora revolutionizes the way we read the web. Founded by Chul Lee, Byron Ma and Kyu Lee in 2008, Thoora is backed by diversified communications and media giant Rogers Communications. As Chief Technology Officer and Founder, Chul Lee has more than 10 years experience building award-winning search engines and data mining companies, and oversees Thoora's development in-house.

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