“Thou Will Not Agile”, Presented in a Cycle of Conferences in Canada

Sep 15, 2016, 08:00 ET from Raincode

BRUSSELS, September 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Following the release of The Rise & Fall of Software Recipes, the author Darius Blasband (www.dariusblasband.com), CEO of Raincode (www.raincode.com) will give a series of talks, "Thou Will Not Agile", in front of students from Computer Science departments in several top Canadian universities. Amongst those University of Alberta (September 28th), University of Toronto (October 20th) and Université de Montréal, McGill University and Polytechnique Montreal on October 19th .

The dogma of Agile methodologies in today's software development has been rarely contradicted, whether by industrial or academic experts. Buzzwords like Agile, DevOps, or Scrum Master have invaded software development. In his lecture, "Thou Will Not Agile", Darius Blasband, PhD, deconstructs the dogmas and mantra such as Agile, UML, ISO9000 and more. He exposes the intrinsic flaws of all attempts to generalize recipes for software development.

The author argues that we loosely put a stamp Agile on software project and convince CIOs that there won't be any money & human capital wasted. He also lists several different factors of success of software development projects: amongst those are code and people.

Author bio 

Born in 1965, Darius has a master's degree and a PhD from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium). His focus is legacy modernization, articulated around compilers for legacy languages. Darius is the founder and CEO of Raincode (www.raincode.com), main designer and implementer of its core technology, an acclaimed speaker in academic and industrial circles. This pointless blah-blah can go on for pages, but essentially, Darius is a geek. Building software systems is what he likes best. After his family. After chocolate, and at par with music.


 "If you are a strong believer in formal methodologies for software development, you must read this book. You will hate it. If you have doubts about the usefulness of recipes for how to develop software, you definitely should read this book, and you'll love it." 

"It is not just about methodologies. It is also about programming languages, garbage collectors, assertions, dogmas, rice on chessboards. It is about money, project, technology and more. But above all, it is about people."

The book is available on Amazon: amazon.com/dp/9490783420

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