Thousands Around the Planet Participate in Guinness World Records® Day 2010

Records for Most Dogs in Costumed Attire, Most Consecutive Double Dutch Skips and More Fall as Aspiring Record Breakers Attempt Amazing Feats For Sixth Annual Celebration

Nov 18, 2010, 10:12 ET from Guinness World Records

NEW YORK, Nov. 18, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Thousands of aspiring record breakers from across the globe celebrated the sixth annual Guinness World Records® Day with amazing record attempts.  More than 275,000 record breakers from around the planet attempted a stunning array of records commemorating the day in 2004 when Guinness World Records became the world's bestselling copyright book. People all over the world joined in the spirit of record-breaking to attempt Guinness World Records achievements in a bid to make history. The Guinness World Records 2011 edition is available now and features all new and updated content.

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Hundreds of people from across the United States celebrated Guinness World Records the only way they know how — in a BIG way. The Summerwind Skippers double dutch team of Boise, ID laced up their sneakers and broke the record for Most Consecutive Double Dutch Skips (371). At Highlander Park in Dunedin, FL, enthusiastic dog owners dressed their canines in their finest and most creative apparel as they broke the record for the Most Dogs in Costumed Attire (426). To celebrate in New Orleans, a 21 ft 8 in tall voo doo doll was assembled to become the Largest Voo Doo Doll, while in Los Angeles, CA at the Guinness World Records museum the new Tallest Married Couple was revealed standing an impressive 13 ft 4.4 in tall combined!  Finally, more than 250,000 fast-acting kids from thousands of schools across the nation displayed their speedy skills as they attempted to surpass their own record set last year for Most People Sport Stacking Simultaneously (record still being confirmed).

"Guinness World Records Day highlights the very reason Guinness World Records exists," said Craig Glenday, editor of Guinness World Records. "To witness hundreds of thousands of people having a go at these incredible feats inspires the best in everyone and proves that humans are limited only by their own will and imagination."

More record-breaking action took place in New York City as top television shows opened their airwaves to chronicle and participate in amazing record attempts. James Roumeliotis, a pogo stick jumper extraordinaire, attempted the record for Most Pogo Jumps in One Minute on the TODAY Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda. The famed hosts even went head-to-head with an attempt for Most M&M's Eaten with Chopsticks in One Minute. Local morning show, PIX 11, hosted a week of record attempts including Most Maltesers Thrown and Caught with the Mouth in One Minute, Most Blindfolded Free Throws in One Minute, and the Longest Sword Swallowed. Additionally, the record for the Fastest Human Crab – 20 Meters was broken in an impressive 8.03 seconds by 14-year old Cameron Jones.

The United States was not the only country to join the record-breaking mayhem, as numerous unique record attempts transpired across Europe, Asia and more. In the United Kingdom, 31-year old Preacher Muaddib set the record for the Most Fire Torches Lit and Extinguished in One Minute with 83 flames, while 90 year-old Thomas Lackey beat his own record for Oldest Wingwalker, previously set when he was a mere 89 years old. The country also hosted attempts for the Heaviest Road Vehicle Pulled by the Teeth and Farthest Distance to Pull a Plane with the Hair By a Female. In France, the world-famous Moulin Rouge dancers earned the record for the Most Consecutive High Kicks by a Single Chorus Line (720), while a young Canadian boy found the Largest Maple Leaf, the country's national symbol, measuring 13.6 in wide and 11.5 in long. Finally, the United States sent its record-breaking ambassador Ashrita Furman – the man who holds the record for the Most Current Guinness World Records Held at the Same Time — to the UK, where he earned the new record for Heaviest Shoes Walked In (323 lbs).

Additional Guinness World Records Day records include:

  • Largest Melodica Ensemble (Japan) — 158
  • Most Nationalities In a Sauna (Germany) — 91
  • Largest Macarena Dance (Canada) — 1,861
  • Largest Samba Dance ( Brazil) – 800
  • Largest Tug of War (Netherlands) — 1,290

This world renowned and celebrated annual, Guinness World Records 2011, contains the most comprehensive collection of the greatest and most amazing accomplishments from this past decade and beyond. A "must-have" for both knowledge-seekers and aspiring record-breakers of all ages, Guinness World Records 2011 is available in the U.S. on September 15th for the suggested retail price of $28.95, while UK and international readers can buy the new edition in stores on September 16th.  For more information about Guinness World Records 2011, to find out how you can participate in Guinness World Records Day 2010 or to vote for your favorite records, visit our website at:

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