Three Doctors Announce the World's First Free Memorial Video Message App

Nov 05, 2015, 09:45 ET from Vidernity

WARRINGTON, England, Nov. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Three German doctors came up with an extraordinary startup idea: they announced a free smartphone application called Vidernity that allows users to record and share videos with family and friends who receive them after they pass away; a system which enables leaving a last message, something that might help those who are left behind to ease the pain, to let them remember the good things they experienced together, and to help forget the pain this loss causes. The CEO and founder of the company is Dr. Anett Duranyik (26) a young female Senior House Officer in Neurosurgery who emphasizes: "We strongly believe that everyone deserves this opportunity and therefore we wanted to create a free system that enables this." Dr. Balázs Marton (34), co-founder, adds "We treat people every day, and their last thoughts before the 'inevitable' are always friends and family." Dr. Sándor Kónya (31), co-founder, summarised the most important message "Whether you are a healthy individual or someone who suffers from a deadly disease, you should tell your loved ones every day how you love them as long as you can because there is no service that can replace that!"

To decide how realistic this idea is, they conducted a survey among more than 8,900 people. The results were astonishing: 55% of the respondents aged 18-24 in the UK would use the service. This percentage was even higher (59.4%) among women in this age group. Similar trends were to be seen in the USA. Enthusiastic over the positive results of the survey the trio applied for selection to the Web Summit and they debut as an official ALPHA Startup in Dublin! To finance the development the team launches a campaign on KickStarter, where they offer lucrative perks with pledges starting from only €5. Perks include early access to the app, custom designed and personalized membership cards, cool T-shirts, Skype calls with the founders, and even a dinner invitation with them. For further info visit!

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