Thycotic Announces Availability of Free Password Vulnerability Benchmarking Tool

Privileged Password Vulnerability Benchmark Evaluates Adherence to Password Management Best Practices and Indicates Areas for Improvement

Jan 26, 2016, 09:01 ET from Thycotic

WASHINGTON, Jan. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Thycotic, a provider of privileged account management (PAM) solutions for more than 3,500 organizations worldwide, is offering organizations a free online comparative assessment tool that demonstrates how companies compare to other, similarly-sized organizations, in meeting privileged password management best practices and security guidelines. Designed in conjunction with leading, independent information security professionals, the Privileged Password Vulnerability Benchmark also provides organizations with a blueprint illustrating where and how they can improve IT privileged password management. To access the free the Privileged Password Vulnerability Benchmark tool, please visit: Password Vulnerability Benchmark.

Due to the broad access and control they provide, privileged accounts have become valuable tools for hackers. In a study conducted in conjunction with the 2015 Black Hat Conference, 75 percent of attendees surveyed revealed that privileged accounts are easier to compromise today than they were two years ago. These accounts, which are used by system administrators, third-party and cloud service providers, and applications and business users, exist in nearly every connected device, server, hypervisor, operating system, database, application and industrial control system in operation today. Therefore, businesses of all sizes need to take their PAM and security to the next level in best practices. 

"Many IT executives and security professionals have documented and trained their employees on how to protect personal passwords. However, in spite of the even higher vulnerability of privileged account passwords, not all IT professionals have knowledge of privileged account best practices," said Thycotic Founder and CTO Jonathan Cogley. "Furthermore, organizations that understand privileged account best practices often have no idea if those practices are being followed or if their current practices enable them to restore normal business operations within SLAs should a breach occur. Additionally, they have no understanding of how their practices compare to companies in their peer group."

Developed with input from the PAM industry's leading experts, the free Privileged Password Vulnerability Benchmark gives organizations an unprecedented opportunity to see how their privileged password practices compare to those of their peers. Key benefits include:

  • Immediate feedback: Participants receive an immediate grade (A thru F) based on how well their privileged password security practices match up against PAM best practices.
  • Current assessment: Participants quickly understand how and where to focus their time, money and resources in order to improve privileged account defenses.
  • Free 2016 Vulnerability Report: Participants will receive a free copy of the upcoming 2016 State of Privileged Password Management Annual Report upon publication. Report highlights the survey findings and gives recommendations to improve PAM and protection.

More information on Thycotic's free Privileged Password Vulnerability Benchmark tool can be found at: Password Vulnerability Benchmark. To learn more about Thycotic and their PAM solutions, please visit the company's website and follow Thycotic on Twitter at @Thycotic.

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