Thycotic Recognized as a Leading Provider of Privileged Account Management Solutions in Latest KuppingerCole Security Report

Global Analyst Firm Praises Thycotic for Lean and Rapid-To-Deploy Privileged Account Security Solutions that Combat Cyber-Attacks

Jan 06, 2016, 09:00 ET from Thycotic

WASHINGTON, Jan. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Thycotic, a leading provider of enterprise privileged account management solutions for more than 3,500 global organizations, today announced that KuppingerCole, a global analyst firm focused on Information Security and Identity and Access Management (IAM), recently published a report on Privileged Account Management (PAM) and how to protect the "keys to the kingdom" against cyber-attacks and insider threats.

The report, authored by KuppingerCole co-founder Martin Kuppinger, discusses the needs and benefits for PAM in great detail, highlights common challenges, further defines the PAM cycle, looks at the major elements to implementing a PAM action plan and examines Thycotic's unique approach to privileged account security.

"While external attacks increase, internal attacks remain at a high level," notes Kuppinger in his opening statements. "Perimeter security in itself does not protect sufficiently anymore. Privileged account management is a must for any organization."

Kuppinger defines PAM as the #1 requirement for mitigating Information Security risks and improving cyber-attack resiliency, as these types of accounts are found to be regularly abused and misused by both internal attackers and external hijackers during major attacks – putting the entire organization at risk.

"Regardless of which type of attack you look at, privileged accounts are at the center of attention of every attacker, be it internal or external," says Kuppinger. "Thus, adequately protecting such accounts and identifying and blocking abuse is a mandatory element in every strategy for increasing cyber-attack resiliency."

Kuppinger suggests adopting a PAM cycle to help understand and mitigate privileged account security risks within an IT environment:

  • Understand the need for Privilege Management and its breadth and depth;
  • Identify privileged accounts across all systems;
  • Protect access to privileged accounts and restrict use;
  • Monitor privileged account use;
  • Detect anomalies in privileged account use indicating potential fraudulent activities;
  • Respond to privileged account issues on time and with targeted actions;
  • Continuously improve your Privilege Management.

The report recognizes Thycotic as a leading provider of enterprise-class Privileged Account Management solutions, combining a strong feature set with a rapid deployment approach and easy-to-use interface. Kuppinger covers the Thycotic Secret Server PAM offering in great detail, including deployment speed, user experience, supported systems and business model.

"Thycotic has lean and rapid-to-deploy solutions in its DNA. Thycotic, in contrast to several other vendors, has been focusing on rapid and simple deployment and an easy-to-use interface from the very beginning," says Kuppinger. "From the KuppingerCole perspective, Thycotic Secret Server is a clear pick for further evaluation when selecting a Privileged Account Management solution. It is of particular interest when competitive pricing, rapid deployment, and short time to value are required, while also supporting a variety of complex and specialized enterprise use cases."

The report also features a detailed action plan for PAM, including an implementation guideline for those considering making an investment in this type of technology. To download a copy of the report, click

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