TidalScale releases its System-Scaling HyperKernel

Transparently scales a virtual system to the size needed by large data problems

Feb 09, 2016, 05:00 ET from TidalScale, Inc.

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CAMPBELL, Calif., Feb. 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- TidalScale, a company that makes it easy for customers to address large-scale compute problems, has released version 1.0 of the TidalScale HyperKernel. TidalScale offers the unique ability to transparently deploy a software-scaled computer to tackle large, data intensive problems in-memory. Until now, organizations with large data problems have been forced to slice their applications and data to fit into the memory of several smaller physical machines. The TidalScale HyperKernel eliminates that complexity.

The TidalScale HyperKernel will appeal to users who need a large memory space for applications like data mining, machine learning, and simulation.

The HyperKernel is a distributed hypervisor that allows a single operating system (like Linux) to transparently run across multiple commodity servers. The HyperKernel aggregates all the processors, memory, storage, and networks into a single virtual system that automatically and dynamically optimizes for best performance. The TidalScale HyperKernel requires no changes to existing applications or to standard operating systems or databases.

Software-scaled computers open the door to a wider range of new in-memory applications because users can deploy virtual systems much larger than the standard hardware servers typically available in data centers today but using the same equipment.

The TidalScale HyperKernel is currently in use by several customers. Customers are successfully running applications with Revolution R, Python, and AnyLogic. In Q4 2015, TidalScale published a Revolution R benchmark showing TidalScale HyperKernel's performance results.

The product is available for immediate deployment. Customers with large data and processing requirements are encouraged to contact sales@tidalscale.com.

"When TidalScale's CEO Ike Nassi joined the computer industry, 32KB was a big computer and every cycle counted," said Peter Christy, Research Director, 451 Research. "Later, when virtual machines were developed, skeptics thought the performance overhead would limit acceptance, and the same was later said for use of a hypervisor, and history proved the skeptics wrong. TidalScale is betting that the time has come when the 'overhead' of this kind of network-interconnected composed system is also acceptable. The initial benchmarks and use cases suggest they might just be right – history is on their side."

"TidalScale is a revolutionary game changer. Rather than fitting the application to the computer, it allows a user to fit the computer to the application," said Dr. Ike Nassi, CEO of TidalScale, Inc. "For improved management of capital, TidalScale-based systems can scale dynamically and at linear cost, as application needs evolve. It is extremely simple to use, requiring absolutely no changes to existing operating systems, databases, or applications. It automatically optimizes a system based on its instantaneous behavior orders of magnitude faster than can be done manually. And because it's all done in software, as hardware improves our software automatically inherits those improvements."

About TidalScale, Inc.

TidalScale is working to simplify access to affordable large computing systems. TidalScale provides a layer of software that sits underneath an operating system, such as Linux, allowing customers to deploy a software-scaled computer to match the size of their data problems using multiple commodity servers.

More information can be found at http://www.tidalscale.com.


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