TidalTV and SymphonyIRI Introduce First-to-Market Targeting and Purchase Data Measurement Solution for Online Video

SaleScore(SM) Brings Actionable ROI Metrics to CPG Advertisers

Sep 09, 2011, 12:52 ET from TidalTV

NEW YORK, Sept. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- TidalTV, an online video advertising network and solutions provider, and SymphonyIRI Group, Inc., the global leader in innovative solutions and services for driving revenue and profit growth in CPG, retail and healthcare companies, today announced the launch of SaleScore(SM), an advanced targeting and purchasing measurement solution for online video advertisers in the consumer package goods (CPG) category.  SaleScore is the first product developed exclusively to link online video ad exposure directly to in-store sales.

SymphonyIRI provides consumer and shopping behavior data culled from a household purchasing panel of over 86,000 participants.  In the development of SaleScore, TidalTV partnered specifically with SymphonyIRI's Emerging Media Solutions division, which enables manufacturers and retailers to deliver digital media more effectively and efficiently, and quantify the impact of online advertising on offline sales.

Leveraging SymphonyIRI data, TidalTV can help advertisers identify and target consumers by the brands they use across over 300 categories, as well as by buying habits, such as consumption patterns or competing brand purchases.  TidalTV then employs its extensive online video network and advanced ad decisioning technology to reach these consumers one-to-one, using SaleScore to tie message exposure directly to in-store purchases among SymphonyIRI's Consumer Network™. While using purchase data to measure overall media impact on sales is not new, this offering brings CPG advertisers the first viable and scalable media solution that offers a true ROI metric for their online video activities.

"CPG advertisers have relied on traditional television's ability to drive purchase consideration for decades," said Srishti Gupta, executive vice president & general manager, New Media Solutions, SymphonyIRI. "Since in-stream video is a natural complement to television's brand building attributes of sight, sound and motion, we are excited to partner with TidalTV to offer advertisers the first true ROI measurement that tracks the efficacy of this emerging medium to engage consumers, drive off-line behavior, and sell product."

"Linking advertising exposure directly to sales has always been the holy grail of brand advertising, but challenges in scalability, cost, and real-time, actionable execution, remain obstacles to measuring true sales ROI for most advertisers," said Kevin Haley, chief scientist, TidalTV. "By marrying the capabilities of online video with the extensive purchasing data available through SymphonyIRI, we can now offer a solution to advertisers that provides visibility throughout the entire purchasing cycle, from first exposure right through to the in-store sale."

SaleScore complements and enhances the reporting capabilities of TidalTV's BrandScore, which measures and evaluates key brand metrics in real time, such as awareness and purchase intent, then optimizes against an advertiser's specific goals.  SaleScore looks further down the consumer purchase path, measuring ROI metrics, such as percent sales lift or incremental dollars, to improve campaign success.  CPG is the first category available, with other verticals to be rolled out shortly.

"We may finally be able to answer Wanamaker's famous quandary about which half of ad dollars are wasted and which half are working," added Haley. "With SaleScore, we're not just able to reach frequent diaper purchasers, we're actually able to tell if exposure to a given video ad translated into a specific brand choice at the checkout counter. As far as ROI metrics go, this one tops the wish list for most CPG advertisers."

About TidalTV

TidalTV is a video advertising network and solutions provider that flawlessly connects some of the world's most powerful brands with their targeted consumers. Working with over 1,000 premier content creators and publishing partners, TidalTV has access to an online addressable universe of over 80 million unique viewers per month.  The network is the largest aggregator of 1:1 addressable audience data from third-party providers, with the ability to target precise consumer segments by demographic, psychographic and behavioral metrics. TidalTV's industry-leading, mathematically-based consumer targeting technology guarantees Zero Waste -- advertisers extract value from every media impression, and publishers monetize their audience across all demographics.  TidalTV leverages the power of consumer data and ad decisioning to increase accountability, optimize performance and maximize advertising ROI within video campaigns.

TidalTV is headquartered in Baltimore, MD, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and London. For more information, visit www.tidaltv.com.

About SymphonyIRI Group, Inc. 

SymphonyIRI Group, formerly named Information Resources, Inc. ("IRI"), is the global leader in innovative solutions and services for driving revenue and profit growth in CPG, retail and healthcare companies. SymphonyIRI offers two families of solutions: Core IRI solutions for market measurement and Symphony Advantage solutions for enabling new growth opportunities in marketing, sales, shopper marketing and category management. SymphonyIRI solutions uniquely combine content, analytics and technology to deliver maximum impact. SymphonyIRI helps companies create, plan and execute forward-looking, shopper-centric strategies across every level of the organization. For more information, visit: http://www.SymphonyIRI.com.