Tie Bars and Other Hard-To-Find Accessories Now Available at Ties-Necktie.com

Nov 03, 2011, 12:00 ET from Ties-Necktie.com

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Online retailer Ties-Necktie.com today announced that it would begin to carry tie bars, clips and other hard-to-find tie accessories.  Designed to keep neck ties from swinging or falling out of place, tie bars affix a tie to a man's dress shirt, ensuring that it will not flap or land in a plate of food.  Ties-Necktie.com will carry close to 40 different tie bar styles in stainless steel and silver and gold colors, adding an elegant design detail to any formal coat-and-tie look.  Tie bars will be available at http://www.ties-necktie.com/tie-bars/.  

In recent years, tie accessories have become increasingly difficult to find in the Unites Sates.  In a 2007 article titled "Here Lies the Tie Clip: An elegy For a Great Accessory" on Slate.com, Paul Devlin writes: "The tie clip has become an endangered species... How did this accessory, once a menswear staple, fall so precipitously from favor?"  Yet, as retro trends have become more fashionable in recent months, tie bars and clips are poised to make a comeback.  They have been recently spotted in fashion magazines, music videos, in movies and on celebrities.

"Tie bars are accessories that are quite popular in Europe.  They can say a lot about a man's personality and they are the perfect finishing touch for a suit," said Ties-Necktie founder Hendrik Pohl.  "We'll be carrying a wide selection that'll not only help keep the modern American man looking neat, prim and proper, but will also express his individuality."

Differences between tie bars and tie clips are subtle, but do exist.  A tie bar simply slides over the necktie and between two shirt buttons, while a tie clip clips the tie and the shirt together using a metal spring.  Both are designed to keep silk neckties wrinkle-free, undamaged, and, most importantly, out of the chicken noodle soup.

Nothing exudes style like a tie bar perfectly matched to a wristwatch, belt buckle or pair of cufflinks. Tie bars look best with narrow European-cut ties (ties narrower than 3.25 inches) and skinny ties (ties narrower than 2.5").  Solid color skinny ties in black, silver, charcoal and dark navy, also available in great variety on Ties-Necktie.com, look best when complimented with a sleek and elegant tie bar.

Media Contact: Hendrik Pohl, pohlhendrik@gmail.com

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