TigerLogic Releases Major Update to Social Visualization and Content Distribution Platform Postano

Postano Continues to Evolve; Thomas O'Keefe Joins TigerLogic as Senior Vice President of Sales and Services

May 07, 2013, 09:00 ET from TigerLogic Corporation

PORTLAND, Ore., May 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- TigerLogic Corporation (Nasdaq: TIGR) today announced the release of a significant upgrade to its Postano social visualization and content distribution platform, which now includes Postano Mobile, the result of integrating Storycode technology. In addition to this new mobile offering, the Postano platform includes Postano Events, Postano Retail, Postano Social Hub, and the built in Postano Monitoring dashboard capabilities. TigerLogic also announced today Thomas O'Keefe joined the company as Senior Vice President of Sales and Services.

Postano is a powerful aggregator of social content across Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social platforms, bringing together the visualization of the digital conversations and content streams from brands and their fans, from across the web. Within Postano, these content streams can be moderated, curated, analyzed, and then displayed in physical store locations, at events to increase brand awareness, on website social hubs to amplify engagement, and on hashtag campaign landing pages to create brand conversation and increase participation.

"The evolution of our Postano social marketing product culminates with the integration of Postano Mobile," said Justin Garrity, Vice President, Marketing and Product. "Brands now have the ability to publish dynamic magazine apps to iOS and Android platforms. With Postano Mobile, we can now bring in all the social channels that the Postano platform connects to."

The Postano platform is designed to enable customers to quickly create unique configurations of social media products from today's leading social networks and syndication sources. Once the right mix is created, brands can curate fan content, ensuring the Postano experience is on-brand with real-time moderation capabilities. Custom posts allow brands to integrate promotions and ads directly into the content stream, linking highly visual content directly to online shopping channels.

Thomas O'Keefe, Senior Vice President, Sales and Services

Thomas O'Keefe joins the TigerLogic team as its new Senior Vice President of Sales and Services. Prior to joining TigerLogic, O'Keefe was the Chief Revenue Officer at Portland, Oregon based ShopIgnitor, a leading provider of enterprise social commerce solutions.

"We believe the strategic allocation of social content across the consumer journey, both online and off, has the potential to stimulate consumer engagement and drive incremental sales and value," said O'Keefe. "Brands are searching for solutions that will increase spend and generate loyalty, while ensuring that the experience is authentic. I've seen a lot of products and platforms in the social space trying to accomplish this. I believe Postano offers a unique approach and I've been impressed with how brands are leveraging it today. Postano Mobile is a significant upgrade to the platform."

O'Keefe brings over 20 years of sales, marketing, enterprise growth, and operational growth services to Postano. He has worked with Fortune 500 and Global 100 brands across various industries, and served as founder and COO of EthicsPoint Inc., a SaaS based platform in the Sarbanes Oxley Act-mandated compliance market.

About Postano

If you are responsible for a brand or organization's social media marketing, digital marketing, retail, event management or content marketing programs and want to learn more about Postano, please visit http://www.postano.com. Postano customers include Nine West, GUESS, Callaway, Mindjet, Smirnoff, Jack in the Box, the University of Oregon Athletic Department, The Tampa Bay Lightning, and many others.

About TigerLogic Corporation

TigerLogic Corporation (Nasdaq: TIGR) is a global provider of data management and application development solutions for enterprises that need to launch easy and cost-effective e-business initiatives. TigerLogic's installed customer base includes more than 500,000 active users representing more than 20,000 customer sites worldwide, who rely on TigerLogic's offerings for multidimensional database management, rapid application development, search enhancement, as well as content aggregation and syndication. Built on proven technology, TigerLogic helps control data and transform it into business intelligence and engagement. More information about TigerLogic and its products can be found at http://www.tigerlogic.com.

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