Time Home Entertainment Inc. and TIME FOR KIDS Present: TIME FOR KIDS World Atlas

Geography Comes to Life

Jul 12, 2011, 10:01 ET from Time Home Entertainment Inc.

NEW YORK, July 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Time Home Entertainment Inc. and the editors of TIME FOR KIDS bring readers the TIME FOR KIDS World Atlas, packed with colorful maps, photos, illustrations, and web-links. TIME FOR KIDS World Atlas (Time Home Entertainment Inc.; July 12, 2011; $13.99) goes on sale today and will be available at www.timeforkids.com/worldatlas and retailers nationwide.

TIME FOR KIDS World Atlas takes children on a voyage around the world in 144 exciting, full-color pages with more than 200 photos and 50 easy-to-understand topographic and political maps featuring superbly designed visual information. The itinerary begins with a 12-page introduction of the Earth's demographics and data. Children can then travel to each of the 7 continents and key regions of the world, with stops at many countries to view world fact files, flags and fact-filled highlights about nations around the globe. Plus, kids can check out the "World at a Glance" section and learn about every country in the world. Each country's flag, area, population, capital, languages, government, and currency are at their fingertips.

"The 3rd edition of World Atlas brings geography to life for young readers," said Bob Der, Editorial Director, TIME FOR KIDS. "With the book's content and the kid's imaginations, they have an extraordinary chance to travel around the world and learn about many places and cultures. The world jumps off the pages and into your home."

Lively activities and questions will have kids interacting with in-depth information about the country's people, places, animals, and ways of living. TIME FOR KIDS World Atlas is sure to be a reference book that teachers and parents will recommend to their students and kids.

From Time Home Entertainment Inc. and TIME For Kids
Publication date: July 12, 2011
Trade Paperback

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