Timeshare Exit Solution Embraces Timeshare Owners with New Commercial

Oct 01, 2010, 15:43 ET from Timeshare Exit Solution

TORRANCE, Calif., Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Timeshare Exit Solution, a company that helps timeshare owners out of unwanted timeshares, has just released a new 30-second television commercial that hit the airwaves this past Friday to rave reviews.

Timeshare Exit Solution is a premiere timeshare company based out of Torrance, CA that aims to help timeshare owners who are looking for a better way out of timeshares than trying to sell timeshare weeks or cancel a timeshare. In the industry since 2004, Timeshare Exit Solution is hoping to help as many people out of unwanted timeshares as possible.

"Television advertising is typically something companies in the timeshare industry have stayed away from in the past, but we know that there are a lot of people dealing with maintenance fees and special assessments that they don't want and can't afford. Our goal is to reach out to more unsatisfied timeshare owners than ever before and let them know that they have options; we have solutions," says Timeshare Exit Solution's Linda Jane Wenzel.

The company's advertisement centers around a woman who is so desperate to not receive her annual maintenance bill that she rushes to her mailbox and rips the entire mailbox out of the ground. Timeshare Exit Solution wants to show timeshares owners that they too understand the plight of owning an unwanted timeshare and the despondency they feel when the maintenance bill appears in the mailbox.

The ad is currently finishing out a two-week stint in the Palm Springs area as a test and will be playing nationwide this weekend. The full 60-second spot is available on their website.

About Timeshare Exit Solution

Timeshare Exit Solution is one of the premiere timeshare companies successfully helping timeshare owners get out of timeshares that no longer fit their lifestyles or budgets. Timeshare Exit Solution and its affiliates have successfully helped more than 43,000 families get rid of timeshares permanently. Timeshare Exit Solution offers guaranteed results. Call Timeshare Exit Solution today at 1-800-820-8888 to get rid of your timeshare forever.

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