TIMEZ5, Creator of World's First Space-Age Muslim Prayer Mat, Launches its Global Hajj and Umrah Agency Network

Sep 24, 2013, 00:00 ET from TIMEZ5

CALGARY, Alberta, September 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

The creators of TIMEZ5, the "world's first physiological prayer mat", are launching the (GHAUN) Global Hajj and Umrah Agency Network to support travel agencies in better catering to the physiological needs of their pilgrims. This initiative will help travel agencies differentiate themselves, offering a unique value proposition in a very saturated and competitive Hajj and Umrah travel market.

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According to DinarStandard, a Muslim market research firm, two trends are driving growing physical demands during the Pilgrimage: older age of average Pilgrims given significant Hajj waiting periods, and major expansion projects in Makkah and Madinah.  

Given the astronomical growth in demand for Hajj, large Muslim countries have significant Hajj waiting periods, such as 10 years in Indonesia, and 20 years in Turkey.  Countries with extremely long waiting periods are prioritizing elders in their quota allocation process.  The average age of Pilgrims from most countries is at least 45 years old. In addition, major expansion projects will increase the distance most pilgrims will have to travel; the Makkah Grand mosque is expected to increase its capacity from 800,000 pilgrims today to 2.5 million in the near future.  Indeed, Pilgrimage operators will increasingly be seeking comfort specific to elders.  

TIMEZ5 is partnering with select agencies to provide a more comfortable Hajj and Umrah experience by bundling the TIMEZ5 prayer mat as part of their mid to high end packages. Beyond that TIMEZ5 offers educational videos designed by their R&D arm, TIMEZ5 Labs, through a series of videos targeting unique physiological issues exclusive to Muslims available on their YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/TIMEZ5Prayermat.

Amidst this backdrop enters an entirely revolutionary product, based on what TIMEZ5 calls the physio-spiritual experience, which redefines how we use our prayer mats. Intensive market research and R&D went into developing the TIMEZ5 prayer mat over five years - including core patent filings across several markets globally.

A former NASA scientist, a team of psychologists and design specialists led the TIMEZ5 prayer mat R&D. The key benefit is that it helps relieve pain and stiffness, improves posture and boosts energy during prayer. The proprietary space-age materials used in the TIMEZ5 prayer mat were originally designed to help control G-forces, heat transfer, and in providing pressure resistance to make a safer environment for astronauts and high performance vehicles while in outer space.

The cumulative effect of these innovations and the patented 5-layer composition of the TIMEZ5 prayer mat is a dramatic reduction in stress on your joints, and improved posture, while praying, and an overwhelming sense of composure and peacefulness.  It is particularly helpful for the elderly, and those suffering from lower back or joint pains, as the range of motion in both cases is usually constricted due to excruciating pain.  TIMEZ5 actually counters the stress of weight and redistributes it to lessen the pressure on joints, allowing for a more comfortable prayer experience and a greater range of mobility.  More information is available on the TIMEZ5 website: http://www.timez5.com.

Hajj pilgrims have reached 3.1 million in 2011 with an estimated total expenditure for Hajj and Umrah of $14.7 billion according to DinarStandard. In a hyper competitive and saturated market, travel agencies that provide add-on products and services will stand to gain a powerful competitive advantage and clearly differentiate themselves from other agencies.  

Aside from getting the TIMEZ5 prayer mat via Hajj and Umrah agencies, customers can directly purchase it for their own trips from their website or as a unique Hajj gift for a loved one.

About TIMEZ5

TIMEZ5™ is the world's first health and wellness company addressing Muslim lifestyle needs through innovation. Its flagship product is the world's first physiological prayer and meditation mat. 

The TIMEZ5™ development philosophy embraces physio-spiritual experiences at its core by combining physiological benefits with spiritual devotion.

TIMEZ5 LABS™ blend the world of ancient medicine, leading technology and inspiring design to address lifestyle challenges. TIMEZ5™ is a global company headquartered in Canada, with operations in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.