TITANIUM 2012 Features Automotive And Other Industrial Papers

Jun 12, 2012, 16:26 ET from International Titanium Association

DENVER, June 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The general session industrial/automotive speaker panel to be presented at TITANIUM 2012, the 28th annual conference and exhibition, which will be held Oct. 7-10, 2012 at the Hilton Atlanta, 255 Courtland Street NE, Atlanta, will feature two papers by Akrapovic d.d., a car exhaust system suppler from Slovenia.

"Optimization Of The Chemical Milling Of Investment-Cast Titanium Alloys," a paper by Silvia Gaiani, Akrapovic materials and technologies consultant, describes the work of Ivancna Gorica-based Akrapovic to examine the effects of chemical milling on two common titanium alloys: Ti6Al4V (titanium/aluminum/vanadium) and Commercially Pure Ti Grade 2. Titanium casting is a challenging process due to the metal's high reactivity in the molten state. It's subject to contamination by interstitial elements (carbon, nitrogen, oxygen) dissolved from the mold, which results in a layer of contamination at the alloy's surface. The aim of the Akrapovic research is to evaluate metal-removal rates of various chemical baths for industrial-scale use to remedy this problem. The company indicates chemical milling is effective in the removal of the brittle "alpha-case" layer of titanium investment-casting components.

Uro Rosa, Ph.D., Akrapovic technical director, will give a talk titled "On-Road Vibration Measurements Of Titanium Exhaust Systems." According to Rosa, the quality of an automotive exhaust system depends on its ability to withstand operational loads—temperature, exhaust pressure and engine and road vibrations. Accurately defining these operational loads is a daunting task, however it's especially critical for the design of a titanium exhaust system. The presentation by Rosa will outline a process to measure the various factors that make up operational loads. This data then can be used to fortify the design of titanium exhaust systems.

"Non-Chemical based Lubricants to Tap/Work Titanium/Titanium Alloys" will be presented by Eric M. Pettersen, the president of GreenGold Lubricants LLC, Colorado Springs, CO. Pettersen points out current, stringent environmental/safety regulatory guidelines add costs to titanium manufacturing. GreenGold Lubricants LLC has developed a line of USDA-certified, 100-percent bio-based oil lubricants and pastes to address these concerns. According to Pettersen, these "green" lubricants outperform conventional lubricants used in the machining of titanium and titanium alloys while meeting all EPA and OSHA regulations.

"Research and Production of Titanium Alloy for Aviation Industry," a presentation by Western Superconducting Technologies (WST) Co. Ltd., Xi'an, China, will review the development of WST's titanium alloys that target aerospace applications, such as a Ti6Al4V alloy for fan disks and structure parts. Other WST alloys, such as titanium/niobium (TiNb) and titanium/aluminum/tin (TiAlSn), have been created to optimize fracture toughness, anti-corrosion, welding and machining properties. WST reports it already has produced thousands of tons of these alloys for industrial applications.

TITANIUM 2012 represents an efficient way for delegates to gain timely market intelligence and meet potential partners, customers and vendors. The annual gathering attracts titanium producers, distributors, designers and fabricators from throughout the world. Attendees typically hold executive positions in areas such as management, sales and marketing, product development, production, engineering, purchasing and quality control. Last year TITANIUM 2011, held in San Diego, drew a record attendance of 1,168 guests from 28 countries.

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