To Be Continued … Dairy Council of California to Serve as Industry's Contribution to Community Health for 5 More Years

Nov 18, 2013, 12:40 ET from Dairy Council of California

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Nov. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The California Department of Food and Agriculture has announced that California's dairy farmers and milk processors support the continuation of Dairy Council of California (CA) for five more years of operation.

"As CEO, I am incredibly proud of the support expressed through the letters received and oral presentations at our continuation hearing," said Tammy Anderson-Wise of Dairy Council of CA. "In the next five years, we look forward to teaching more kids, more times and in more ways. As research affirms milk's impressive nutrient and health promotion portfolio, Dairy Council of CA will continue to advocate milk's irreplaceable package of nutrients as an essential part of healthy eating."

Over three dozen letters of support were received from dairy farmers and milk processors, educators and health and wellness professionals. These letters were unilaterally supportive of Dairy Council of CA's nutrition education efforts.

"One of the Dairy Council's most significant accomplishments is their promotion of nutrition education in a very crowded beverage market," wrote Richard Shehadey, CEO, Producers Dairy Inc. "This has made a positive impact on children and adults regarding milk and dairy foods as essential to a healthy diet."

In addition to letters of support, a number of individuals attended the hearing to provide oral testimony supporting Dairy Council of CA's continuation.

"In California, teaching kids (nutrition) at different grade levels, teaching adults at different key component times — life stage components — is the balance against a whole lot of product and misinformation that's out there," said Doris Derelian, Ph.D., J.D., R.D.N., Professor of Food Science and Nutrition at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, during her oral testimony at the continuation hearing. "People are energized by the combination of sound educational techniques, total diet and ease of use that Dairy Council provides all these various audiences."

Pursuant to Section 64001 et seq. of Chapter 1, Part 2 of Division 22 of the State Food and Agriculture Code, Dairy Council of CA will continue to operate on behalf of dairy farmers and milk processors through 2018, which will mark 99 years of operation.

About Dairy Council of California
Dairy Council of California serves as the dairy industry's contribution to community health by providing a science-based nutrition education curriculum and resources that help children and families improve their eating habits and make nutrient-rich choices from all the food groups. For nearly a century, Dairy Council of California has partnered with schools, health professionals and community leaders to offer families simple steps for making balanced food choices while communicating the irreplaceable role that milk and milk products play in a balanced diet. Funded by California's dairy farmers and milk processors, Dairy Council of California's nutrition resources reach millions in California and throughout the United States. Find us at

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