To Commemorate Barack Obama's First Year in Office, Hollywood's Stun Creative Launches 'Obamourage';

New, Animated Online Comedy Series 'Takes the Gloves Off,' with a Unique Take on President Obama and His Inner Circle

Jan 19, 2010, 11:29 ET from Stun Creative

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Jan. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- As President Obama's first year in office comes to a close, Americans who are facing double-digit unemployment, a three trillion dollar deficit, and an uncertain future on healthcare, are asking, "How did we get here?" Brad Roth and Mark Feldstein, the founders of Hollywood-based Stun Creative (an award winning marketing agency), think they have the answer. Their new, animated, comedic web series Obamourage, follows the day-to-day life of President Obama and his cabinet -- Rahm, Joe, Hillary, and Bo, the dog – as they all roll, "Obama-style."


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To coincide with the anniversary of President Obama’s first year in office (January 20th), initial episodes of the web series Obamourage will premiere this week on Comedy Central’s (more episodes coming soon). These webisodes represent a pop culture mash-up of the latest mishaps and misfires from both the worlds of politics and entertainment, and also take an irreverent look at the most powerful office on Earth.

"We're not anti-Obama or anti-Democrat. We're simply 'pro-comedy," says Feldstein. He adds, "Our goal with the creation of Obamourage was to both highlight the serious issues that people are talking about today, as well to just get 'em to laugh, if even only for a quick minute."

Obamourage portrays President Obama as the "King of Cool," who is more concerned about with his Nielson Ratings than his approval ratings. "We take the popular perception of the personality of each individual member of Obama's inner circle, and exaggerate it, if ever so slightly," says Roth. In the series, Rahm Emanuel (with the Secret Service code-name RAHMBO), is portrayed as Obama's highly combative Chief of Staff – a man who wears a bandoleer and totes an AK-47. Hillary Clinton-- sex obsessed and power hungry -- is still bitter about the fact that she's not the President, while V.P. Joe Biden's most important jobs are ordering lunch for everyone, and serving as President Obama's official "food taster." "Bo," the President's flamboyant, Portuguese water dog (who doesn't realize he's gay), rounds out the Obamourage cast.

"After George W. Bush, it was hard to imagine another Commander-in-Chief who would so freely lend himself to parody," Roth adds. "Fortunately, once the dust settled on 'Obama-mania,' there was no shortage of opportunities for guys like us who make a living with comedy, to have some fun. Thank you, Joe Biden."

The storylines and references featured within each webisode of Obamourage  will not be limited to activities emanating solely from the Oval Office. "Since, in modern society, the line between entertainment and politics has become blurred more than ever, we can depict Tiger Woods crashing his Escalade into the Oval Office, or portray Rahm Emanuel as a Na'vi warrior from the movie, 'Avatar,'" Feldstein says. "And since our series is animated, we can create just about any scenario we can dream up, no matter how ridiculous or unrealistic," he adds.  

The ultimate goal for Roth and Feldstein is to have a television network turn Obamourage into the next "Family Guy." "We realize that bringing our show to TV is probably a long shot," concludes Roth. "So, at this point, we'd simply settle for being removed from the FBI's 'Watch List.'"


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