Today is 'Canada Day' at the North Dakota State Capitol

Mar 10, 2011, 19:09 ET from Consulate General of Canada

North Dakota Governor and Legislature Honor Strong Relations with Canada

MINNEAPOLIS, March 10, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Today Canada's senior representative in the Upper Midwest, Consul General Martin Loken, spoke to the North Dakota House and Senate chambers.  Recently, Governor Jack Dalrymple issued a proclamation and both chambers passed concurrent resolutions honoring the economic and social ties the state shares with Canada and declared today, March 10, 2011, "Canada Day at the North Dakota Capitol."

In his remarks, Loken said Canada and the United States have a relationship that is unique in the world – and particularly relevant to North Dakota where we share a long, peaceful and secure border.

"The economic ties between the U.S. and Canada are unparalleled.  Canada is North Dakota's top export market," Loken said.  "Canada and North Dakota traded an average of $3.5 billion in goods traded annually during the past three years.  Our economies are so closely integrated, especially in agriculture and energy that we make and grow things together, and that's a benefit for both of us."

The House and Senate resolutions passed stated "That Canada and the United States share a rich and vibrant history of democratic governance, military and economic partnerships and cultural ties."

"We share so much and do so much business with our northern neighbors.  More than one-half of exports from North Dakota go to Canada and the number of Canadian tourists exceeds the number from any other country, contributing approximately $300 million in tourism revenue annually to our economy.  It is important to recognize those economic connections, and the resolutions do that," said Speaker of the House David Drovdal.

North Dakota sold $1.6 billion in goods to Canada in 2010, including crude petroleum, vegetable oils, machinery, and vehicle parts.  21,400 North Dakota jobs are supported by Canada-U.S. trade.

"Canada values our relationship with North Dakota. We are honored to be at the Capitol today and to have North Dakota's leadership recognize our strong partnership," added Loken.

Loken is appointed by Canada's Prime Minister to represent the Government of Canada in the Upper Midwest region.  Located in Minneapolis, Canada's Consulate General works to promote trade and investment links, to engage citizens and decision-makers on matters of shared interest, and to assist Canadians living and traveling in the US. More information is available at

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SOURCE Consulate General of Canada