Today Marks the Start of the Foodie Revolution

Nov 02, 2015, 11:09 ET from The Galleria by GFG

LAVENDON, England, November 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

The Galleria by GFG - Launched today - marks the beginning of a whole new movement in food sales. One that cares about both the consumer AND the producer. 

The Galleria by GFG, gives specialist food producers direct access to nationwide wholesalers, trade and consumers through one portal. This allows artisan and smaller producers to compete on a level playfield in a whole new market.

Consumers, especially those that require something more specialist can shop according to diet, religionary need and health constraints. Foodies can find products in the gourmet and unusual food ranges. The website provides a new home to those shoppers who want diverse and specialist foods but are not prepared to compromise on taste.

"No one should have to cut corners in taste and quality because they have specific dietary requirements" says co-founder Stephen Briggs. "Good quality food should be for everyone".

Debbie Briggs added "I have been amazed at the range of high quality specialist foods that are available. We have searched the globe for the very best, most original and different. I am really proud of what we have achieved and can't wait to see how it will grow"

The Launch at Milton Keynes College saw companies that represent all of the areas of food sold through the Galleria come together to celebrate .

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The Galleria, a multi-level marketing tool, is the brainchild of the Briggs family. A husband and wife team with over 70 years' experience between them. Having worked all of their lives in the industry they have seen the reduction in choice within the online market and the affect this has on small, specialist and artisan producers.

So just when they should be putting their feet up - they are instead launching a brand new web platform.

Companies that presented on the day:
Coori - Meat Snacks - The Gluten Free Baker - Hungry Dabba - D'Wine - Fudge Kitchen - Danish Food Direct - Gourmelli - Sinclair Condiments - Good Deli

Speech given by Stephen Briggs MD of the Galleria by GFG:

Ladies and Gentlemen.  Madam Mayoress.

I am delighted to welcome you to Milton Keynes College today. I am delighted - because today marks beginning of something really special. And the culmination of a life's work.
When I look around the room today I see everything that is good about this industry.  
People who make food that is 'free-from' everything - except taste.
People who specialise in the finest ingredients - even when it means going the extra mile.
People who took a dream of working with food and have given their weekends, evenings and entire bank balance to be at this point today.
Real quality that requires no compromise. From the Consumer OR the Producer.
The Galleria by GFG is new and innovative in that it brings a lot of different marketing/sales and distribution tools together in one place - Our Galleria by GFG
The artisan and speciality food producers will have direct access to nationwide wholesalers, trade and consumers through one portal - Our Galleria by GFG
The consumer will be able to shop in as many shops within the Galleria and just have ONE checkout!
The consumer will find it easier to shop for dietary products, we already have 8 shops that are either dietary or religionary - Free From, Gluten, wheat, nuts, dairy etc.
We already cater for Danish ex-pats stocking their traditional foods not readily available in the UK
We intend to roll a number of National shops..
We believe that we are leading the way for producers to get the food to market WITHOUT having to go through supermarkets - we will be paying a fair price and working WITH our suppliers to the right foods to the right people at the right price.
In the next few weeks we will be telling the consumer we are here by way of a promotional shop that will get the publics attention.
Now, I want to thank the College for letting us use this space and for all of the work they do to train young people who will go on to work in our industry.
I want to thank the Galleria Team for all of their hard work - We couldn't do it without you.
But most of all I want to thank all those people who believed in us and what we are doing. I know that your faith  - your belief  - your love for food - will pay off!
As you will have noticed there are a number of producers here sampling their wares.
Thank you all for coming - ENJOY


Stephen Briggs, +44(0)1234-240888,

SOURCE The Galleria by GFG