Tofu Innovator Nasoya Introduces 'TOFU PLUS'

The First Tofu 'Beefed Up' with the Vitamins & Minerals of Meat -- and It's Organic!

Feb 03, 2010, 10:00 ET from Nasoya

AYER, Mass., Feb. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- TOFU PLUS, the nation's first and only tofu "beefed up" with nutrients needed by people looking to lower or eliminate meat from their diet without sacrificing nutrition, is being introduced by Nasoya, America's leading tofu company (, on March 12-14 at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA.

TOFU PLUS is fortified to provide 20 percent of the daily nutritional requirements of the vital nutrients that can be harder to get when meat is less prevalent in the diet.  These include B-2, B-6, B-12, Zinc, D-2 and Calcium. TOFU PLUS is also low in saturated fat, free from sodium and cholesterol, is a good source of Iron, and contains naturally occurring phosphorous. Made from premium quality, organic soy beans, TOFU PLUS is produced in Nasoya's organic-certified plant outside of Boston.

"We're all taking steps to be healthier, and eating less meat is a choice many are making. But many consumers worry that veggie-based foods like tofu may not provide all the nutrients they get in meat," said Susan Rolnick, Nasoya Marketing Director. "Nasoya designed TOFU PLUS to make this transition easier for consumers.  We fortified TOFU PLUS with B vitamins, Vitamin D, Calcium and Zinc, some of the essential nutrients found in meat, but not in traditional tofu."

Replacing three ounces of meat (the size of a medium hamburger) with the same amount of TOFU PLUS, avoids 6 grams of saturated fat and 53 milligrams of cholesterol, without any loss of B vitamins, Calcium or Vitamin D, noted Rolnick. It's sodium free, a good source of Iron, and contains naturally occurring phosphorous.

TOFU PLUS comes in two popular textures: Extra Firm, for a solid, meaty consistency, such as for grilling, baking or in a stir fry; and Firm, best for crumbling on salads, scrambling as an egg substitute, or in chili or dips. For tasty, quick recipes ideas, visit the Nasoya Recipe library at .

"Nasoya is demystifying healthful Asian food for everyday America," explained Rolnick. "Not only is tofu healthy, but it provides a fun way to be creative in the kitchen and contributes to an overall balanced lifestyle." The launch of TOFU PLUS will be celebrated with nationwide consumer contests, couponing, blogger outreach, a Twitter program, and key city sampling.


The top selling tofu in America, Nasoya has provided delicious, premium quality soyfoods to consumers for more than 30 years.  Its innovations include organic TOFU PLUS, all-natural Silken Style Creations, fresh, all-natural pasta noodles and wraps, and the popular sandwich spread Nayonaise.  Look for Nasoya at leading supermarkets, whole foods grocers and specialty shops nationwide.