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Sep 29, 2011, 06:00 ET from N-Viro International Corporation

TOLEDO, Ohio, Sept. 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- N-Viro International Corporation (OTCQB: NVIC) responds to yesterday's Toledo Blade article headline link here, Toledo officials argue over how to handle sewage sludge.  N-Viro International Corporation is a Toledo based company that has been handling biosolids for the City of Toledo for over 20 years.  The N-Viro process safety treats and converts biosolids into a U.S. EPA designated  "Class A" product.  Land application of biosolids, especially the lower "B" classifications of treatment is subject to increasing scrutiny across the industry.  For instance, Florida has recently adopted stricter regulations of Class B land application due to high phosphorus levels accumulating across Florida waterways.  Several states have either completely banned Class B land application or limited the area of application; in favor of more advanced forms of treatment.  

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N-Viro International, as a responsible caretaker of our environment speaks out against the pending debate within the City of Toledo to dispose of a minimum of 40,000 tons annually of Class B biosolids immediately next to the waters of Maumee Bay and Lake Erie.  Legitimate concerns exist that when it rains or snows the excess run off is unconstrained and eventually flows into the nearby waterway of the Maumee Bay and eventually into Lake Erie.  

Timothy R. Kasmoch remarked, "We are not angered the Department of Public Utilities is considering other alternatives or services to dispose of the City's sludge.  Whenever there is a public proposal process, there are no guarantees.  However, we believe it is environmentally inappropriate to even consider dumping a minimum of 40,000 tons of sludge every year on a 70-acre man-made dredging island in Maumee Bay.  We know this industry and this is not the best option for the treatment or storage of biosolids in our opinion.   Responsible management of biosolids would not allow potential unconstrained run-off into a major waterway like Maumee Bay.  For five years we have voiced our concerns to the City of Toledo and recommended N-Viro's alternative energy process.  

The Toledo Blade printed a quote from the annual shareholders meeting where I said, '..I do believe that the future of this company is in the alternative energy space…that is going to become our core business.'  I am pleased to report that N-Viro Fuel™ was tested once again at a power generating facility in Pennsylvania.  A successful test burn was also completed at Michigan State University previously.  Both test burns verified N-Viro Fuel™ as a viable alternative for coal.  The Pennsylvania utility company used a 10% substitution of N-Viro Fuel™ in their commercial boiler.  N-Viro Fuel™ will soon be ready for deployment at the commercial level.  We believe this type of biosolids reuse contributes to responsible stewardship of our environment," Mr. Kasmoch added.  

N-Viro has recommended the City reexamine any thought of increasing the amount of sludge that will be disposed of next to the Maumee Bay, and fully investigate  any phosphorus, pathogen or other run-off into the Maumee Bay through the independent testing of the ground surrounding the area where sludge has already been applied and the waterways surrounding the island.  

The company will be publishing articles on the company blog and posting links on twitter about our concerns.  Please join us in our campaign to ensure proper disposal and treatment of biosolids.

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