Tom Horner Completes Sale of Himle Horner Inc. Stock

Jun 14, 2010, 11:12 ET from Himle Horner Inc.

MINNEAPOLIS, June 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Himle Horner Inc. announced it has purchased the remaining shares held by the firm's co-founder, Tom Horner, completing an ownership transition plan that was initiated more than two years ago.  With this transaction, Tom Horner will no longer have any ownership stake in the company and will leave his role as an employee, officer and director.  Himle Horner Inc. will now have two shareholders -- co-founder and CEO John Himle and the firm's president, Todd Rapp.

Horner has been reducing his involvement with the firm since he sold a portion of his shares to Todd Rapp in 2008.  This latest purchase of Horner's remaining shares finalizes his previously planned exit from Himle Horner and terminates his professional and business relationship with the firm.

"With Tom's candidacy for Governor and the time demands imposed by his campaign, it made sense to finalize the purchase of his remaining shares at this time and sever the business ties between Tom and the company," said John Himle, CEO of Himle Horner Inc.  "Freeing Tom from his Himle Horner professional duties will give him the time he needs to focus on his campaign.  We appreciate Tom's commitment to honor the contractual confidentiality agreements we have with clients and his assistance to facilitate a smooth transition of his clients to other principals and senior staff within the firm."

Himle Horner expects to rename and rebrand the firm later in the year.  "We have been examining some opportunities to further enhance the services we offer clients and any re-branding of the firm needs to be based on a thoughtful process aligned with our strategic direction and the leadership position we have established over the last several years," said Himle.  "We extend our sincere appreciation to Tom for his many contributions to the firm and wish him well in his new endeavors."

Himle Horner was originally founded in 1982 by John Himle as Himle and Associates and expanded into Himle Horner Inc. in 1989 through the partnership with Tom Horner.  The firm provides public relations, research services, crisis management and public affairs communications services to clients throughout the Midwest and nationally.

SOURCE Himle Horner Inc.