Top 10 Dating Blunders That Will Take The Jolly Out of Your Holidays

'Real Love Right Now' Author Kailen Rosenberg's Survival Tips for Healthy Holiday Love

Dec 02, 2013, 09:47 ET from Kailen Rosenberg

NEW YORK, Dec. 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The holiday season triggers the biggest spike in online dating registration annually, according to, sparking a 55% increase and a 350% increase in traffic during the period of Thanksgiving Weekend through New Year's Day. This dramatic upsurge in online dating activity confirms a recent Cosmopolitan survey that the goal of 64% of all single people is to find love in the New Year. According to Facebook, its users' relationship status is most likely to change during the two weeks prior to Christmas.

The holiday season, however, can present serious challenges to newly developing relationships, according to Kailen Rosenberg, host of Oprah's social experiment Lovetown, USA, shown on The OWN Network and author of Simon & Schuster /Howard Books' Real Love, Right Now, A Celebrity Love Architect's 30-day Blueprint for Finding Your Soulmate -- And So Much More.

Rosenberg opines: "People feel significant pressure during the holidays to be part of a couple. Being in a relationship is considered a benchmark of personal success, no matter the significance of their accomplishments throughout the year. All personal and professional success seem to evaporate in the stress and angst of holiday gatherings or social invitations that includes the dreaded phrase 'plus one.'"  According to Rosenberg, these feelings lead to impulsive behaviors that result in The Top 10 Missteps that can send your new relationships right up the chimney in an ugly black cloud.

1.) The Fast and The Furious: The North Pole:
Fast tracking the relationship before the feelings are fully developed or accelerating the exclusivity of the relationship and speeding up the intimacy before the relationship has genuinely moved beyond the casual stage;

2.) Home Alone:
Inviting that special person home for the holidays prematurely so as not to be the only unattached family member at the holiday festivities;

3.) Scrooged:
Ridiculously overspending on holiday gifts and making the other person feel uncomfortable and put on the spot; 

4.) The Grinch Who Stole Christmas:
Making the unfortunate choice to hook up with an Ex to avoid being alone over the holidays only to be reminded once again why they are an Ex;

5.) Heartburn:
Having an ugly confrontation with an Ex at a holiday party in front of your new man/woman;

6.) Nightmare Before Christmas:
Expecting a marriage proposal or engagement over the holidays - you miss being in the moment by having such unrealistic expectations;

7.) He's Just Not That Into You:
Prolonging a dying or dead relationship just so you can be together for the holidays;

8.) The Christmas Story:
Every conversation you have with your new friend is about a couple who is getting engaged / getting married / getting away for the holidays;

9.) Meet Me In St. Bart's:
Jetting off to far away places with someone you barely know;

10.) Love Story:
Faking a terminal illness to attract or keep a lover - enough said.

Rosenberg concludes:  "New relationships, regardless of how seemingly successful they are leaving the gate, require time and patience to grow and develop. Your first holiday in a relationship should be the start of your special journey together, not your final destination. There are few greater gifts in the world than that of a happy, healthy, sexy, thriving relationship, especially with your soulmate. So have fun, take it slow, and remember, if this is 'the one', they're not going anywhere."

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