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LONDON, June 23, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- So, the sun is shining, the nights are lighter and there is so much more motivation now to get out there and run. It's free (well mostly) and it has so many advantages that it would be churlish not to give it a go and set yourself a target of running around the block a couple of times... the healthy active living website has come up with their top 10 beginner goals for first time runners.

You need to be SMART when choosing your goals. They need to be Specific - (2 miles in 20 minutes in 20 days), Measurable - Use a GPS system, don't guess, Achievable - participating in a half marathon is; but a top two finish possibly not, Realistic - Use your common sense when selecting your goals, Time Related - give yourself a deadline.

Running non-stop - Choose a distance that is personally challenging and try to build up to it gradually.

Run Regularly - By running twice a week your body will start to see continuity in your training, your running will improve as your body adapts to the constant training.

Aim for specific running distances - Ask any runner and they will be able to remember the first time they ran a specific running distance. Record your distance goals, possibly via a blog to see your progression.

Enter a race - Completing a race will encompass all your SMART goals, and will really put your training into focus. With an event on the horizon there will be no excuses!

Lose weight through running - Your running goals needn't be distance orientated they can be purely to lose weight, monitor your progress carefully to ensure you lose a safe amount of weight weekly.

Enjoy your training - Get the most out of your training, don't let it become monotonous. Vary routes, different terrains and try running with friends or as part of a club.

Run a personal best - You should always want to better yourself as improvements are motivation. To help you achieve your personal best follow a structured training plan to achieve your goal.

Run for Charity - Many people enter running events to raise funds for charity, by choosing a charity that matters you'll be able to motivate yourself and others to help raise money.

Keep on running - for many runners the goal of being able to continue running long-term is an excellent motivator. To stay injury free will require attention to nutrition, hydration, resting and really believing in yourself as a runner!

Perform at your very best - The more competitive you are the better you will perform. You have to be dedicated to achieve your goal and be prepared to make running a focal part of your life.

Dust the trainers off and set yourself a goal. can offer you support, help, advice and motivation as you embark on your running goal. Our online community have helped hundreds of beginner runners achieve their goals so what are you waiting for visit and start your journey as a runner!

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