'Top 10 Mistakes Men Make Buying Clothes'


Oct 26, 2010, 07:00 ET from Bob Baumann

DALLAS, Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Most American men don't know enough about fit, fashion and fabric to dress themselves, according to Dallas clothier Bob Baumann of Edward Baumann Clothiers.

"Eighty-five percent of all men on the street today are wearing clothes that just don't fit," says Baumann. "It's a crisis. All men want to look their best, but most don't know where to begin."

Baumann has spent 20 years dressing North Texas executives, TV celebrities and politicians.  He says he spends at least half his time educating men on style and fit because they are embarrassed to ask.

"The guys I dress are successful because they are accomplished," he says. "So they don't like any situation that makes them feel inferior. The problem is – men have no where to go for the facts in fashion."

A poor fit is problem number one, according to Baumann. He says the issue begins in retail settings where clothes are sold based on available stock instead of the individual customer.

"They sell the suit that's in stock," says Baumann, "instead of creating the clothes to fit the man."

Shoddy shoes, mismatched socks and button-down shirts are among Baumann's other pet peeves.

"How can a smart, successful guy ever think it's OK to wear a button-down with a suit?" he asks. "It's like peanut butter on filet mignon!"

Also on the Baumann's Top Ten list – the cellphone in a holder snapped to the belt. Baumann calls it a Cardinal Sin. Why? He says it ruins the fit of a properly-tailored jacket. "Any modern suitcoat will have an interior pocket for a phone," he says. "Or it's not well-made."

Baumann also points the finger at men who button the bottom button of a suitcoat, don't coordinate shoes and belts, or who fumble casual Friday. "If you're wearing the Def Leppard t-shirt to a company picnic, I can guarantee that they'll never look at you the same way," says Baumann. "Every set of clothes makes a statement."

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