Top 10 Reasons California Should Vote Yes On Prop 33

Benefits Include Lower Rates to Safer Streets

Oct 22, 2012, 18:53 ET from Yes on Prop 33

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Oct. 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- As a way to assist California voters in the run up to the election, the Yes On Prop 33 Campaign today released its Top 10 list of reasons to support the ballot initiative. 

"Not only are voters being barraged with election information, a lot of it is inaccurate," said Rachel Hooper, spokeswoman for the Yes On Prop 33 campaign. "Listing the benefits of Prop 33 is intended to provide voters with an easy way to understand the measure and why they should vote for it."

Proposition 33 has attracted a wide range of other support, including from California highway patrol officers, firefighters, major veterans' groups, leaders from both parties, ethnic organizations, chambers of commerce and consumer groups.

Proposition 33 would:

  1. Lower rates: It will lower your auto rates if you are insured because it promotes competition by freeing you to shop around and take your "persistency discount" with you to a new insurer of choice.
  2. Insure more California drivers: By making car insurance more affordable.
  3. Promote safer streets: When California had a law similar to Proposition 33 from 1996-2002, the number of uninsured motorists dropped by almost half.
  4. Reward Californians for following the law: The 85% of California drivers who follow the law and have insurance will be able to shop their discounts for a better deal.
  5. Protect people whose policies have lapsed due to unemployment, illness or other factors: Those on hard times can miss a payment for 90 days for any reason and keep the discount. 
  6. Help Californians in the military: It extends the continuous coverage discount to all active military, rewarding the heroes while they are spending their lives doing their part for our country at home or overseas.
  7. Preserve regulatory oversight over auto insurance rates: While some insurance companies may raise rates, those rate increases would be minimal and likely impact a sliver of the population.
  8. Benefit women, families and heads of households: Lower rates will help families make ends meet and help offset higher gas prices. 
  9. Benefit two types of people; those who currently have insurance and those who don't: If you have insurance you can either stay with your own insurance company or you can take the discount that you would now control to shop for a better deal. If you don't have insurance—and this includes individuals who have lapsed a single day, you have greater options including a proportionality discount for history.
  10. Create new protections for customers by offering a proportional discount: If you miss payment for a year, Proposition 33 allows a proportional discount for each full year that you were insured.

"Proposition 33 is just over a page long, and is easy to understand," said Hooper. "We encourage all Californians to read it."

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SOURCE Yes on Prop 33