Top 10 Valentine's Names from Movies We Love

Jan 31, 2013, 02:50 ET from Belly Ballot

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 31, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- A romantic name is like a song.  Upon hearing it, the same warm feelings we felt from memories long ago are vividly conjured up again.


As Valentine's Day 2013 nears, many are reminded of those silverscreen heartthrobs that we've fell in love with throughout the years.  Belly Ballot, a new website that makes baby naming more fun and social, asked their visitors to vote for their favorite romantic names from movies they love.  Some are contemporary, some are classic, but all are distinctive.  So, without further ado, here are the top 10 results:

1. Tristan, Legends of the Fall – This needs no explanation. He is gorgeous, passionate, exciting, and a devout family man.  This sexy name embodies it all! 

2. Rose and Jack, Titanic - Love story meets emotional tragedy between these dynamic star-crossed lovers.  The passion between them is unrivaled.

3. Oliver, Love Story – Oliver shows us that nothing can get in the way of love, especially when tragedy overshadows romance. We are left lingering on his words, "Love means never having to say you're sorry."

4. Scarlett, Gone with the Wind – Rather onerous and stubborn, Scarlett represents the strong, old-fashioned heroine, who pines for a lover whom she cannot have. 

5. Westley, The Princess Bride – Who didn't fall in love with this hero during his fairy tale adventures to rescue Buttercup? His perseverance alone sets his apart from the rest. Not to mention his favorite saying is "As you wish."

6. Juliette, French Kiss – She is the beautiful French "goddess" that ran off with another woman's husband, but in the end, after some elaborate schemes, he still longs for his wife. Mistresses don't always win. 

7. Edward, Pretty Woman – Your heart just skipped a beat when reading his name. The quintessential bachelor throws love and money at an unlikely source. Finally gaining her trust and once again showing happily ever after might happen when you least expect it!

8. Liesl, Sound of Music – The oldest of the von Trapp children, her fling with the local delivery boy makes us nostalgic for that young love feeling.

9. Viola, Shakespeare in Love – Such a feminine name is only suitable as she plays Romeo in the town play, attracting the heart of young William Shakespeare

10. Henry, 50 First Dates – Comedy and quirkiness are abundant as he tries every day to win over Lucy. His humor and persistence make him desirable for any first date!

For more romantic names, you can see the whole list here.  Happy indulging!

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