Top Five Stocks - Wednesday Volume Report - National Graphite, Superior Venture Corp, Psychic Friends Network, Pub Crawl Holdings, USA Graphite

Dec 05, 2012, 12:41 ET from

LONDON, December 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Volume Trading Report: National Graphite Corp (OTC: NGRC), Superior Venture Corp (OTC: SVEN), Psychic Friends Network (OTC: PFNI), Pub Crawl Holdings (OTC: PBCW), USA Graphite (OTC: USGT)

National Graphite (OTC: NGRC) was leading the way in volume early on Wall Street in Wednesday's trading. NGRC has been on a solid run this week with double-digit days in the green and holding up in price terms today.  At the time of writing NGRC was higher by 3.5% on almost $1 million. It remains to be seen if NGRC can get above the $1.00 mark in trading this week but the performance has been strong and steady.

Superior Venture Corp (OTC: SVEN) was trading lower in today's trading once more, although slightly firmer than yesterday's trading. Considering SVEN has been as high as 0.35 cents in the last week, if it does follow the track of recent releases from Awesome Penny Stocks it could be due for a rebound soon.

Psychic Friends Network (OTC: PFNI) was a new name on the volume watch list after a big first day in trading previously. PFNI was one of the volume leaders yesterday after really picking up in trading around midday. PFNI traded over $10 million and was higher by 20%, in today trading PFNI is flat and has traded around 500k so far. We will keep our eye on this name through the week.

Pub Crawl Holdings (OTC: PBCW) was holding up quite well again in trading on the OTC markets on Wednesday. PBCW only finished lower yesterday by 10%; considering the jump it had the day before, not bad. In today's session PBCW is higher by 3% on 300k in volume traded.

USA Graphite (OTC: USGT) was another new Graphite name on the watch list this week. In early trading today USGT was higher by 2% on around 250k traded.

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