Top Level PR Announces Release of New Public Relations Package for Crowdfunders

The new package is called the "PR + Social Plan." It gives crowdfunders access to's PR Outreach as well as their Social Media Influencer marketing strategies

Mar 08, 2016, 23:00 ET from Top Level PR

SANTA MONICA, Calif., March 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Top Level PR is proud to announce the release of their new "PR + Social Plan." The new plan will give crowdfunders the opportunity to get Top Level PR's "PR Outreach" and "Social Media Influencer Marketing Strategies" plans in one consolidated package.

Top Level PR is a public relations firm that helps start-ups get exposure to pools of readers who might be interested in funding or purchasing their new product or service.

They implement a 5 step process to their Public Relations campaigns. First, after enrollment, the team identifies the best media contacts for a specific campaign. Next, they research the project and find what the media would like most about it. Then, they create 3 unique pitches and test them on a fraction of the entire list. After the test, they narrow down the most effective pitch, streamline it, and send it to the rest of the list as a full launch. This process comes standard in the 3 packages offered by Toplevel PR.

According to the website, this systematic approach gets the right pitch into the right hands, and it reaps far better results than simply posting to social media and/or relying on word of mouth. "PR is the most cost effective way to get any crowdfunding campaign moving quickly and to gain the momentum it needs to succeed," says the company's LinkedIn page. 

Their new "PR + Social Plan" was designed for crowdfunders who want the full suite of Top Level PR's services. In addition to the standard PR strategy, it gets crowdfunding projects to spread widely across social media and to potentially go viral amongst target audiences.

Those interested in learning more about Top Level PR's process can visit their website where they can view a short webinar explaining the benefits of PR, and exactly how their process works.

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About Top Level PR:

Top Level PR is a Public Relations firm that specializes in Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects. Since 2014, they have helped crowdfunders get their funding through highly targeted PR outreach, social media influencer marketing, and expert crowdfunding promotions.


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