Top Secret Nutrition Announces its Entry into the Sports Supplement Market with the Debut of Two Revolutionary Products that will Forever Change Levels of Athletic Performance - Astravar™ and N.O.370™

Top Secret Nutrition bases its products on two main principles: that each product represents a top entry within its category based on quality, effectiveness and uniqueness of ingredients, and that the products form a cohesive line geared to support the active life-style of its clients 24/7.

Dec 13, 2010, 12:09 ET from Top Secret Nutrition

MIAMI, Dec. 13, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Top Secret Nutrition (TSN), a manufacturer, marketer and distributor of nutritional supplements announces today its entry into the sports supplement market with the debut of  Astravar™ (Cellular Absorption Amplifier) and N.O.370 (Performance Enhancement Potentiator). Both products are based on Astragin, a new and exclusive ingredient that has been clinically tested to drastically increase the body's absorption of nutrients at the cellular level.  Athletes who have tested these two products have reported levels of strength, endurance and recovery never before experienced.  The positive results are achieved with just one dose.

Astravar™ dubbed as the "The Game Changer" will forever change the way people work-out by multiplying the effect of any existing Nitric Oxide product. The product has been clinically proven to increase the absorption of L-Arginine at the cellular level by an amazing 62%.  The athletes who trained using Astravar™ in a control group all reported drastic increases in strength, energy levels and skin-ripping muscle pumps. Astravar™ can be "stacked" to dramatically enhance any nitric oxide, amino acid, creatine, vitamin, or protein supplement. 

N.O.370™ was developed as the result of the powerful effects of Astravar™ and is the first pre-workout formula that contains ingredients clinically studied to significantly improve the absorption of L-Arginine, amino acids, vitamins, and glucose at the cellular level. Those who took N.O.370™ during the development and testing phases commonly referred to it as "the best pre-workout product they have ever tried".  The reports also mentioned longer lasting skin-tearing muscle pumps, increased strength, unreal endurance and improved mental focus. N.O.370™ can also be used as an effective recovery supplement. The product packs a whopping 370% increase in muscle glycogen replenishment. N.O.370's potential for creating "personal best" performances have led to it being coined as  "the Record Breaker".

About Top Secret Nutrition:

TSN is a leader in the natural nutritional supplements sector providing science-supported products of the highest quality in the Wellness, Weight Management and Sports Nutrition categories. TSN manufactures all its products in the US.  The company is committed to creating high quality innovative products designed to fuel the active lifestyles of consumers 24/7 inside and outside of the gym.  TSN continually improves its product and services by staying abreast of breaking developments in sports nutrition and food science.

TSN was founded by partners Tom Richardson and Augusto Vidaurreta, successful entrepreneurs from Miami who have been involved with several successful start-up ventures, and David Zinn, a seasoned financial executive with over 15 years experience providing business assurance & advisory services to early-stage and middle-market companies and over 10 years experience in public accounting.

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