Top Secret Operation - New Year New You

Jan 01, 2014, 04:00 ET from James Bond health and fitness

SHEFFIELD, England, January 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

Date of release 31 December 2013

From Agent M:

Directive: Operation New Year New You

Operative: James Bond Personal Trainer (see overleaf).

Target: the ladies of the UK.

Do you feel as if the world is not enough?

Do you feel as if you may never lose the Christmas party pounds?

Well never say never again because from Russia with love comes Operation New Year New You from James Bond Personal Trainer. The mission: to create a legion of Bond girls.

James Bond, under directive from Agent M, is streaming fitness classes for ladies over the internet from a secret location in so people can work out at home without anyone knowing. People who are secretly scared to go to a gym or who have other reasons to avoid going to a gym can work out at home in their living rooms in secret. Nobody will see you doing your stuff so it remains for your eyes only.

The ladies of the UK can say live and let die to the idea of not losing the Christmas party pounds so they can die another day and be on an all time high.

Classes are held early morning before the kids wake up and at 8pm just before skyfall.

The plan is to create a legion of Bond girls leaving the guys shaken but not stirred. The ladies can say that they have trained by the spy who loved me enough to get me in shape for the new year.

Members of the press are invited to take part in an online class in the comfort of their living rooms.

The classes are conducted safely and have a goldeneye for detail. For more details see or or phone moneypenny on 0808-222-1007 and ask to be put through to Agent M

Bond's 007 fitness heaven
Published on Wednesday 11 March 2009 08:52

THE name's Bond, James Bond - and he's licensed to get you fit.

Personal trainer James has been whipping a bevy of local lasses into shape and turning them into his very own Bond girls.

And two of his trainees in particular have kicked their way to incredible levels of fitness.

To prove it mum-of-two Dawn Hubbard, aged 40, from Shirecliffe, completed 30 three-minute rounds of kick boxing - almost three times the length of a world title fight - to raise £300 for the British Heart Foundation.

And 39-year-old accountant Elaine Hudson from Kiveton Park went one better by completing an incredible 50 three-minute rounds raising more than £800 for the Weston Park Hospital Charity Appeal.

James trains at the Max Gym in Walkley (now Powers Martial Arts Academy in Stannington)

And if you join him you'd better be prepared to be shaken, but not stirred.

He said: "My Bond girls put in a tremendous amount of effort, you might say they work 007 days every week.

"In fact I'd say they could knock the living daylights out of my male clients!"

James said that while men often perform better in strength training the girls are far better at cardio-vascular side of things.

"I've never understood why more blokes don't do aerobics classes," said James.

"It's not as though they will have to wear a leotard or anything like that. Shorts and T-shirts will do and believe me aerobics is very good for you.

"Anybody can do it and I say I can turn any lady into a Bond girl and any bloke into a Daniel Craig."

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