Top Three Reasons to Get Engaged

Couples choose to purchase a diamond engagement ring for many different reasons, including love, security and starting a family.

Jun 11, 2010, 20:51 ET from Diamond Engagement Rings For You

LOS ANGELES, June 11 /PRNewswire/ -- For couples in love, often the next step in the relationship is getting engaged. But not all couples choose to get engaged for the same reason. Though there are probably hundreds of different reasons people get engaged, the three top reasons are for love, for security, and to start a family.

Love is predictably the number one reason that couples choose to get engaged and purchase a diamond engagement ring. Buying an engagement ring has come to represent the ultimate romantic gesture; a promise of a lifetime together. Committing to one person for the rest of one's life is no small gesture, which is why it has become the most significant expression of love in a single purchase. From the day a man slips a diamond engagement ring on his girlfriend's finger, they face the future together as a 'we' instead of as two separate people.

The second top reason people get engaged is for security. Though a relationship can help people feel secure, there is nothing like a diamond engagement ring to proclaim to the world that you intend to stay together forever. Marriage brings with it many types of security, from emotional security to financial security. For many, this promise of security is a driving force behind the desire to get engaged and get married instead of simply dating.

Finally, many couples who have been dating for a long time begin to see that their future together holds the promise of starting a family. Though marriage is not a pre-requisite to having children, many traditional couples prefer to get engaged and married prior to starting a family. So for many, a diamond engagement ring also symbolizes their future children and grandchildren.

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