TopSEOs Ranks Reputation Changer as Top Reputation Management Company in the World

Following the completion of a rigorous evaluation of back-end processes and client service philosophies, TopSEOs has ranked Reputation Changer as the world's foremost authority in online reputation management, awarding the firm an almost perfect score.

Mar 06, 2012, 07:53 ET from Reputation Changer

NEW YORK, March 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The information found on online search engines can make or break a reputation. For companies faced with negative reviews, politicians combating scandals, or public figures fraught with bad publicity, online search engines can be utterly devastating. The good news is that online reputation management companies can help undo this damage, but in an increasingly crowded industry, finding the best reputation management company can be tough. TopSEOs, the independent authority on search vendors, has made it much easier by revealing a new ranking of the world's best reputation management companies. Coming in at #1 on the list is Reputation Changer, a company now firmly established as the foremost authority in its field.

The TopSEOs ranking comes on the basis of a rigorous analysis of the industry's leading firms. These online reputation management companies were evaluated on the basis of their internal assets and client service philosophies, including back-end procedures and the implementation of cutting-edge technology. TopSEOs scored each company in five different categories, including Needs Analysis, Strategy Development, Responsiveness, Monitoring, and Reporting. Reputation Changer's cumulative scores, based on these five categories, is a near-perfect 99%, cementing its own reputation as the industry leader.

"We are immensely proud to receive this honor, and to be recognized as the best company in our class," says Justin Singletary, the Chief Executive Officer of Reputation Changer. "Our primary goal is to provide our clients with the most advanced technology and the most rigorous, responsive level of service, ultimately helping them to achieve the desired search engine results as efficiently as possible. We are grateful to TopSEOs for acknowledging our excellence in providing these services, and are pleased for our clients to know that what we provide them is truly standard-setting."

Reputation Changer's dominance within the industry is validated not just by the TopSEOs award, but also by the company's own partnership with some of the top minds in the fields of reputation management and search engine optimization. Among its partners Reputation Changer counts SEO companies that rank highly for some of the most difficult and sought-after search keywords on the Internet. Their affiliation with top-level organizations supports Reputation Changer's image as the industry leader.

Singletary notes that Reputation Changer is also aided by the presence of several top-dollar angel investors. "Reputation Changer receives top-level support, which ultimately affects the quality of the services we can provide to our clients," he observes. "More resources means better technology, more prominent syndication of newswires, and more assets we can generate for each campaign." TopSEOs confirms that, with revenue of more than $10 million, Reputation Changer is also the world's more profitable reputation management firm. According to Singletary, the company has plans to go public within the next two to three years.

Singletary also says that the company is particularly proud of its perfect score in the Needs Analysis category. TopSEOs defines this ranking criterion as "the firm's ability... to determine client goals and aspirations and then create a tailored plan according to the specific needs." Singletary says that while many online reputation management firms work from a set of templates, Reputation Changer has a rigorous process for assessing a client's needs, and generated fully customized action plans for each new campaign. Likewise, the company achieved a high score for Strategy Development, denoting Reputation Changer's ability to "create an effective strategy" based on the individualized needs assessment.

As for TopSEOs' third evaluative criterion, Responsiveness, Singletary notes that Reputation Changer is "a 24/7 company." A response team is always available, "whether on a Sunday afternoon or at 3:00 in the morning," to address any needs the client has, including any new negative listings or unwanted PR.

For Monitoring, the fourth of TopSEOs' evaluation categories, Singletary says that his company's resources are peerless. "We use the most advanced and sophisticated monitoring software available, enabling us to keep up with the progress of our campaigns with unequalled precision," he says. "We are able to effectively monitor Bing, Yahoo, and Google search results, and to keep up with more than 400 social media profiles for any given campaign." Singletary adds that if a new online listing appears for a particular client, Reputation Changer can track it within thirty seconds.

Singletary attributes his company's perfect scores in both Monitoring and Reporting, the fifth category, to the implementation of Reputation Changer's unique Monitoring+ Platform™, which allows clients to monitor their own progress and to track every single keyword and online asset used in their campaign. "In short, we offer complete transparency as to what's going on with any given campaign," Singletary notes.

In addition to its high scores in these five categories, Reputation Changer also shows favorable results in client retention—95%, much higher than most of the other agencies ranked—as well as in its active client roster, currently topping 500. Singletary says the best thing about this honor, though, is simply seeing the company's laser focus and passion for excellence receive affirmation. "We strive to be the best in our field, and to provide our clients with a level of performance they simply cannot find anywhere else," Singletary concludes.


Founded in 2009 by a team of online marketing and sales professionals, Reputation Changer is the premier provider of online reputation management. The company works 24/7 to provide comprehensive reputation management strategies to its clients, which have included politicians, public figures, Fortune 500 companies, and more. Reputation Changer owns several media outlets, and is known for its innovation in positive SEO techniques, social media implementation, and more.

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