Torneio CrossFit Brasil has qualifying finals and main event defined

Feb 08, 2016, 12:00 ET from Torneio CrossFit Brasil

SAO PAULO, Feb. 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The eight qualifying regional finals have been defined for the Torneio CrossFit Brasil, the main event of its kind in the country! The cities chosen for hosting the qualifying events are: Sao Paulo, Paulinia /SP, Santo Andre /SP, Rio de Janeiro, Contagem /MG, Joinville /SC, Goiania /GO and Recife /PE.

The events are organized by CrossFit Brasil, with sponsorship by Reebok Brasil, Fortify Equipamentos and Progenex Suplementos. There is also support from Rocktape, CrossX, Auraclara, Sao Paulo Ortopedia and PR Newswire as official media partner of the project.

Some 800 entrants are expected, divided among 8 Regional Qualifying events. Each one of these qualifying events has a pre-determined number of openings for the national Tournament, determined by the number of official gymnasiums in each region and the performance of the athletes in the previous events.

"The gymnasiums were "hand-picked" by the organization. We are seeking better spaces in each one of the regions geographically divided for the Tournament, paying attention to the structure not only for the athletes, but also for sponsors and the public," discloses Thales Antoniolli, organizer for Torneio CrossFit Brasil. "It will be a wonderful opportunity for the public to become familiar with the best athletes in their region and get to know CrossFit better," Antoniolli concludes.

"The Torneio CrossFit Brasil is the oldest CrossFit event in the country, and it started in 2010 with the aim of bringing friends together, thus strengthening the Brazilian CrossFit community. And although the competitive level of the athletes has been substantially enhanced since that time, while the Tournament has assumed proportions nobody could have imagined, and with so many other events happening throughout the year in Brazil, to date, we are still managing to maintain the original goal of the CFB Tournament, which is to keep the flame of comradery lit among the athletes, and to have a live audience taking part to show how different we are from any other available sporting event, so they can show the public what they do best when the clock is counting down," explains Joel Fridman, technical director of the event and owner of the first affiliated gymnasium in Brazil.  

The number of official gymnasiums in Brazil has exceeded the target of 535 units, scattered across 25 states, particularly in the cities of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte and Curitiba. In 2015 alone, more than 180 new centers became affiliates in Brazil.

"For this year, we have eliminated a Phase in the city of Sao Paulo (last year there were two phases), and created one exclusive phase for the state of Rio de Janeiro," explains Antoniolli. The growth in the affiliation of new gyms in Rio de Janeiro was expected! This happened in 2015 and was accompanied by the technical development of the state's leading athletes, who put in a good performance at last year's Torneio CrossFit Brasil. With this, the boxes in the states of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo will be competing in the Minas-Espirito Santo Qualifying Finals," adds Antoniolli.

Another change has been an increase from 3 to 6 openings for the General Ranking in the Qualifying Finals, a unified result for competitors in the 8 Regional Qualifying events.

In 2015, Anderon Primo, of CrossFit Bauu and Anita Pravatti of CrossFit Selva (Brasilia) were the Tournament champions. Entry into the Qualifying Finals is free, and the sponsors will be present with products and services to enhance the performance of athletes and practitioners. Regional supporters will also be in attendance. 

At the end of February, and throughout the whole month of March, the world's biggest event for this sport will be taking place (and probably the biggest participatory sporting event anywhere). The Open of the CrossFit Games had the participation of 272,000 entrants in 2015, and it is quite probable that this number will be going up this year. The 10 best Latinos (men and women) will be qualifying for the South Regional of the CrossFIt Games which will take place in Dallas on May13th to 15th, where more than 40 competitors will be assembled vying for 5 openings in the world finals that, once again, will take place in Carson, California, in July of this year.

Competitors in the Torneio CrossFit Brasil who win direct openings in the men's and women's individual events for the South Regionals, are guaranteed direct openings for the Torneio CrossFit Brasil that will be held in September, in Barueri. Accordingly, they will not have to go through the Regional Qualifying events.

"Now that the calendar has been defined for the Qualifying Finals and the Tournament, we will direct our efforts towards finding new partners for events, as well as municipalities interested in hosting our events at the end of the year: CrossFit Brasil Summer (the Brazilian championship for teams in this sport) and the recently inaugurated Masters of Fit that will be an unprecedented battle between the best CrossFitters in Latin America, representing their countries in mixed teams of 4 competitors, formed on the basis of qualification at the Open. This will be a very interesting event for the public, and attractive to the media, in a pioneering competition, different from anything done so far in this country or in the world," concludes Antoniolli.

Founded in 1995 in the United States, and brought to Brazil by Joel Fridman, the CrossFit has become popular owing to its dynamic exercise routine, and now has more than 12,500 gyms in the world, with more than 535 in Brazil. With its functional movements, it is differentiated by the practice of always varied exercises performed at high intensity. In the U.S., it is the main fitness and conditioning program at police academies and in the armed forces. Wildly popular in Brazil, it has undergone significant expansion in the number of training and practice centers, with 30 new units in just the first month of this year.  

Dates and locations:

June 11th and 12th

Regional Minas-Espirito Santo - CROSSFIT GUERREIROS II (@crossfitguerreiros)
Avenida Jose Faria da Rocha, 3160, Eldorado,- Contagem /MG

Regional Rio de Janeiro - CROSSFIT GLADIUS (@crossfitgladius)
Estrada do Pontal, 6625, Clube Sirio e Libanes, Recreio dos Bandeirantes - Rio de Janeiro /RJ

June 18th and 19th

Regional Sul - CROSSFIT SINISTRO (@crossfit_sinistro)
Rua Lages, 826, America - Joinville /SC

Regional SP Interior 1 - CROSSFIT SANTO ANDRE (@ct300_)
Rua Antonio Cardoso Franco, 450, Casa Branca - Santo Andre /SP

July 2nd and 3rd 

Regional SP Interior 2 - PAM CROSSFIT (@pamcrossfitbr)
Avenida Doutor Heitor Nascimento, 81, Morumbi - Paulinia /SP

Regional Norte-Nordeste - BUNKER CROSSFIT (@bunker_cf)
Rua Jose da Silva Lucena, 515, Boa Viagem - Recife /PE

July 9th and 10th 

Regional Centro-Oeste - SAFARI CROSSFIT (@safaricrossfit)
Avenida das Industrias, Quadra 151, Lote 51, Setor Santa Genoveva - Goiania /GO

Regional SP Capital - CROSSFIT SAURUS (@crossfitbrsaurus)
Rua do Canal, 22, Vila Guilherme – Sao Paulo /SP

Thales Antoniolli
Organizer CrossFit Brasil Tournament
(11) 9 9919-8660













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