TorrayResolute Large Growth Strategy Named Top Ten for the Decade

Mar 19, 2013, 10:41 ET from Torray LLC

BETHESDA, Md., March 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Torray LLC is pleased to announce that it has been named a "Top Guns Manager of the Decade" for the TorrayResolute Large Growth Strategy by PSN Informa Investment Solutions, an independent national money manager database. PSN evaluated 316 large growth strategies for performance and risk over the 10-year period ended December 31, 2012, selecting the top 10 for their ability to outperform the Russell 1000 Growth Index without taking excess risk.

This is the second time the strategy has earned this award; the first occurring for the decade ended December 31, 2009. "We are delighted to earn this designation among our peer group of institutional investment managers," said Nicholas Haffenreffer, portfolio manager for the strategy. "This award speaks to our fundamental belief that portfolio managers don't have to take excess risk in order to beat their benchmarks. Effectively managing risk, particularly as growth managers, has been a primary objective of our strategy since inception and has paid off through the challenges of the last decade." 

Haffenreffer, James Bailey and Jeffrey Lent have comprised the investment team for the strategy since its inception on March 31, 1998. In 2010, Resolute Capital Management, a firm Haffenreffer founded in 1998, joined Torray LLC. In 2011, the firm launched a mutual fund, the Torray Resolute Fund (Ticker: TOREX), which mirrors the large growth strategy and is managed by the same team.

"We are very proud of the success of the TorrayResolute Large Growth Strategy," said Robert Torray, founder and president of Torray LLC. "Its investment philosophy and process are consistent with the long-term approach the firm has adhered to for more than 40 years." 

Torray LLC is an independent SEC-registered investment adviser located in Bethesda, MD.  It was founded in 1972 and is owned by active partners. The firm offers two additional strategies: The Torray Large Value Strategy and the TorrayResolute Small / Mid Cap Growth Strategy.  The value strategy, developed by Robert Torray in 1972 and co-managed by Torray and Fred Fialco, is also available as a mutual fund, the Torray Fund (Ticker: TORYX).  All the strategies share low-turnover, concentration and a focus on long-term growth of capital.

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