TOTO Announces Strategic Partnership with Alcoa, Inc., for New HYDROTECT™ Powered Aluminum Cladding Line

Company Licenses Breakthrough Photocatalytic Environmental Cleaning Technology to Power Alcoa's Reynobond® with EcoClean™

May 11, 2011, 13:28 ET from TOTO USA

MORROW, Ga., May 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- TOTO, the largest plumbing manufacturer in the world with $5.1 billion in annual sales, today announced the launch of its new cross-industrial strategic partnership with Alcoa, Inc., the world's largest producer of primary and fabricated aluminum.  Reynobond with EcoClean is the revolutionary aluminum coating that cleans itself and the surrounding air using HYDROTECT technology.  Alcoa Architectural Products will introduce EcoClean and TOTO will demonstrate HYDROTECT at the AIA Convention (Booths 1935 and 1227, respectively) in New Orleans, May 12 – 14, 2011

"TOTO established 'HYDROTECT Partners' to raise HYDROTECT's profile in the global marketplace and disseminate knowledge about this breakthrough technology worldwide," said Daijiro Nogata, President of TOTO USA.  "TOTO continues to aggressively build our new global network of cross-industrial strategic business partners -- of which Alcoa is a ranking member.  Alcoa used HYDROTECT to develop Reynobond with EcoClean.  We look forward to other new product innovations by our global network partners in the near future."

Working with HYDROTECT, Alcoa's scientists achieved a major breakthrough.  EcoClean coating is the first titanium dioxide finish that can be applied to a pre-painted metal surface with a coil coating process.

"We are very honored to have HYDROTECT power a product line by the world's leading aluminum manufacturer.  Our partnership with Alcoa is a giant leap forward in the acceleration of HYDROTECT's global expansion," said Nogata.

HYDROTECT Technology

TOTO's HYDROTECT technology utilizes photocatalysts with superhydrophilic and decomposition properties offering the following benefits:

  • creates easy clean surfaces on buildings' exteriors or interiors
  • cleans the air (reduces pollutant gases, NOx, SOx, VOCs, which contribute to greenhouse gas production, and improves general air quality, both indoor and outdoor); and
  • offers anti-microbial* benefits (suppresses growth of mold, fungi, and algae).  

Among HYDROTECT products' secondary benefits are global greenhouse gas reduction; carbon footprint reduction; contribution to LEED points on submitted projects; building maintenance cost savings; reduction in the use of harmful cleaning agents; and a net positive environmental impact as derived from Life Cycle Assessment.

About Alcoa

Alcoa is the world's leading producer of primary and fabricated aluminum, as well as the world's largest miner of bauxite and refiner of alumina. In addition to inventing the modern-day aluminum industry, Alcoa innovation has been behind major milestones in the aerospace, automotive, packaging, building and construction, commercial transportation, consumer electronics and industrial markets over the past 120 years. Among the solutions Alcoa markets are flat-rolled products, hard alloy extrusions, and forgings, as well as Alcoa® wheels, fastening systems, precision and investment castings, and building systems in addition to its expertise in other light metals such as titanium and nickel-based super alloys. Sustainability is an integral part of Alcoa's operating practices and the product design and engineering it provides to customers. Alcoa has been a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for nine consecutive years and approximately 75 percent of all of the aluminum ever produced since 1888 is still in active use today. Alcoa employs approximately 59,000 people in 31 countries across the world. More information can be found at

About TOTO:

TOTO is the largest plumbing manufacturer in the world with $5.1 billion dollars in annual sales.  To date, TOTO has produced more than 60 million plumbing fixtures.  TOTO USA is headquarters for the Americas Division of the TOTO Global Group, which was established in 1917 with the founding of TOTO, Ltd., in Kitakyushu, Japan.  Today, this international company maintains 23,500 employees in 69 offices around the world and owns manufacturing facilities in Japan, Mexico, the USA, China, and Europe with an affiliated network of more than 80 production facilities worldwide. With over 1,500 engineers on staff and three centers devoted solely to research and development, TOTO is the undisputed global leader in product innovation, precision engineering, high design, and sustainability in products that are designed to meet people's real world needs.  Exemplified in the company's philosophy – People First Innovation -- TOTO offers consumers elegant luxury products that save money and water without sacrificing an ounce of performance and the peace of mind that comes from knowing they purchased a brand that sets the standard for world-class performance, enduring quality, and reliability.  Winner of numerous domestic and international awards and recognitions, TOTO is the only plumbing manufacturer honored as Water Efficiency Leader by the Environmental Protection Agency.  TOTO continues to raise industry standards and consumer expectations as to what is possible in the bath space, as it connects people with water in ways that enrich the flow of their daily lives.

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*EPA registration in progress