TOTSY Offers 10 Tips for Families Looking to Travel With Their Kids This Summer

Family Travel Expert Partners with TOTSY to Help Parents Plan an Easy and Fun Vacation

Apr 28, 2011, 12:35 ET from TOTSY

NEW YORK, April 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Nearly one third of adult leisure travelers are parents and grandparents, taking an average 4.5 trips each year (U.S. Travel Association). With summer around the corner, moms and dads are ready to tap into their vacation days and make some good old-fashioned family time. TOTSY, the private sale site exclusively dedicated to delivering deals on coveted must-haves for parents, babies and children, is partnering with Deb Geigis Berry, one of America's favorite family adventure experts, to make sure this summer's trip is one to remember.  

Travel and entertainment top the charts as one of mom's highest priorities for her summer budget (2011 Mom Shopping Trends Report).  But a family vacation is easier said than done as traveling with infants is no trip to the park.  

Berry has made plenty of them and is here to say that you aren't alone. Almost nine out of 10 moms purchase products to make traveling with children easier (2011 Mom Shopping Trends Report).  But as every parent can relate, it's not enough to prevent those difficult and often embarrassing 'kick, scream and cry' moments that always happens at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Follow these tips to make the best of your vacation, while your kids are still young!

  1. Kids love being with you, so a trip to the beach or state park can be just as fun as a pricey excursion to a crowded amusement part. Just shake things up with a few new travel toys.
  2. Search for freebies. Many towns offer a free concert or outdoor movie and libraries often host events, from juggling seminars to costumed parades. When you arrive at your destination, head to the local library and scan the bulletin for upcoming events.
  3. Don't take 'family friendly' to heart. Call venues to see if they have cribs, high-chairs and booster seats. Also bring quiet, colorful toys, like spinners that attach to tables or table trays with a suction cup.
  4. Press all buttons before they press yours – make sure the sound/effects and melodies of toys won't drive you crazy over a long car ride.
  5. Don't bring your child's favorite toys. Losing an adored blanket or stuffed animal will put a damper on the trip. Try picking up a few filler toys just for the trip.
  6. Only one thing is worse than a back seat driver, a back seat crier. Use car compartments to stock items that comfort and distract, like a small pillow or a fun play mat.  
  7. Divert meltdowns with smart phone apps that entertain babies in a pinch, like animal pictures with sounds and flashcards with shapes and colors. Don't forget to use a durable case and neck strap!
  8. Save money and eat healthy with picnics stocked with bread, cheese, vegetables and fruit from local farmers' markets. In case the ground or table is damp, keep a waterproof blanket in the car.
  9. Keep moving. Babies and young children enjoy motion. Try cycling with a baby in a trailer, hiking with a baby in a carrier, or riding on a historic merry go round.
  10. Try an animal adventure. Take a bird walk, visit a fish hatchery or cruise an animal park. Go to your state's tourism department website to learn about animal adventures near you.

The 2011 Mom Shopping Trends Report was generated from two independently gathered nationally representative samples of moms delving into how moms shop and the factors that impact their purchasing decisions. Generational comparisons were made across Baby Boomers and Generations X and Y based on the lasting impacts of the economy, the emotions behind shopping, the rise of online sales sites and seasonal purchases.  For more information, contact


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About Deb Geigis Berry

One of the country's leading experts on family planning and activities, Deborah Geigis Berry frequently appears on television to share family-related tips and strategies. As a spokesperson and contributing editor for Disney's FamilyFun Magazine, she has swapped inside travel tips with Cindy Crawford on ABC's "Good Morning America," and reports on travel, cooking with kids, holiday celebrations, and other family topics for CBS, Fox, CNN, and CNN Headline News. Deb is the author of the travel guidebook, "FamilyFun New England," and recently drove an RV across country with her family to promote her book and others in Disney's new guidebook series. For more information, check out