"Touch Your Heart, Donate for Love" 3rd Anniversary: Power of Youth Donates Blood for Love

Aug 26, 2015, 05:53 ET from Touchmedia

SHANGHAI, Aug. 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- When "Love" is injected into lives, miracles happen. The "Touch Your Heart, Donate for Love" blood drive, launched by Touchmedia, the Shanghai Blood Management Office and the Shanghai Blood Center, is three years old! To celebrate the 3rd anniversary a group of caring young artists delivered a performance of music and dance to convey how giving blood can save lives, aiming to inspire more youngsters to donate their blood for love. Attending were many celebrities, including Olympic champion Tian Liang , famous singer Ping An and several of the leading contestants from the "Voice of China", along with blood drive veterans including Ray Lv and David Luo, donating their blood once again!

It was also announced that because of the campaign, and with the support of the Shanghai Blood Management Office and Shanghai Blood Center, Touchmedia has been acknowledged with several honors.  The "Touch Tour Heart, Donate for Love" blood drive campaign has been recognized as one of the 100 Shanghai "Favorite Public Projects Cultivating and Practicing Socialist Values", and has also won the "National Special Award for the Promotion of Voluntary Blood Donations." The latter is the highest honor awarded by the Chinese government for contributions in the field of blood donations!

From Celebrities to Ordinary People, Everyone Can be Someone's Hero

At the 3rd anniversary, Micky Fung, Founder and Executive Chairman of Touchmedia, and Ray Lv, Honorary Chairman of Touchmedia, both long term leaders in the cause, led a group of equally committed young adults in donating. One was Tian Liang, the Olympic champion, who commented, whilst donating, "Although I'm a retired athlete, I can still pass on hope and strength by donating my blood. This is also the Olympic spirit!"  From the world of music, famous singers combined with rising stars to set an example for the public, including David Luo, Ping An and from the "Voice of China," contestants Dai Ying Xuan, Luo Jingwen and Xia Heng.

This event also forms the prelude to the next step in the movement, the collection of inspiring real life stories, titled "Ordinary People, Extraordinary Power".  Micky and Ray explained, "We hope to influence more people to join in donating blood through stories about ordinary people donating blood to save others' lives.  From celebrities to any member of the public, whether donating blood yourself or helping with any act of kindness or support, you can be a Little Red Hero! Everyone can save lives! "

New Power Injected, Blood Donation Can be a Habit

This message was reinforced at the anniversary event through music and dance, executed by young artists in a show designed to deliver the idea that miracles can happen when the "power" of blood is injected into life. Their aim is to encourage other young adults to donate their blood or their support. The theme dance "POWER" was presented by Shanghai's famous dance studio CASTER and the theme song "Light of The Soul" was by illustrious Argentine artist Anderson, with a new interpretation that sparked an excited reception. Many in the audience commented that they were touched and eager to join the program.

To further the appeal and gain more attention, Touchmedia presented an interactive game "Little Red Hero", planned to both educate and entertain, with several different play scenarios. Mixing entertainment and a relaxed atmosphere, the occasion brought together many partners from all fields involved in the program and also attracted wide attention, emboldening a new, younger generation to dedicate their love.

At the conclusion of the day, Micky Fung suggested a new prospect for the development of the blood campaign: "For three years we've been successfully calling for voluntary blood donations. I want to thank my celeb friends, employees, volunteers and all media partners' for their support. iQiyi, YOUKU, PPTV, as well as heartfelt enterprise such as Bybo Dental Group. Going forward, Touchmedia will redouble its efforts and, with the growing support and understanding in the community, I am confident more members of the public will join the volunteer's database, to save more lives with their blood, donated for love!


Starting in 2008, as part of the company's efforts to help the community, Touchmedia has been running a series of charitable and community service campaigns under the banner "Touch Your Heart", devoted to promoting ideas from a "Charitable Heart" to a "Charitable Life".  Touchmedia continues its efforts through their in-taxi interactive screens, focusing on 4 key issues: Saving our Earth, Caring for Children, White-Collar Health and Public Education.

The programs have included the white-collar travel charity----"Touch Your Heart, Load 1KG More," encouraging busy travelers to use their journeys to help others at the same time, through an organized and trusted platform; "Touch Your Heart, Light Your Life," building libraries for schools in underprivileged areas; and the huge public service project, "For Tomorrow, Touch your Heart," supporting education in Sichuan Province that generated thousands of responses.

In 2012, Touchmedia launched the in-taxi "Touch Your Heart – Donate for Love" blood drive campaign, supported and endorsed by many celebrities, companies and public service groups. To now nearly 130,000 passengers in Beijing and Shanghai have registered to donate blood through Touchmedia's interactive screens and many misperceptions about blood donation have been remedied. The "Touch Your Heart, Donate for Love" blood donation campaign has been recognized as one of the 100 Shanghai "Favorite Public Projects Cultivating and Practicing Socialist Values", and awarded the " National Special Award for the Promotion of Voluntary Blood Donations", the highest honor from the Chinese government in recognition of programs making a special contribution to blood donation. The Charity Heart of "Touch your Heart" is not only a calling and an education, but also something tangible. Let's take action!

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