Touching Hearts at Home, the Heart of Home Care, Now in the Heart of New York City

Sep 16, 2015, 10:32 ET from Touching Hearts at Home - Manhattan

NEW YORK, Sept. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- To age is to live! We are experiencing longer life expectancies than ever before; if only we had those extra years in our twenties and thirties! Once upon a time, nursing homes were the long-term care solution for aging adults. Today we have a choice. Touching Hearts at Home, a national Home Care Service company, is locally owned and operated in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. 

We know that people age in different ways, with different needs, at different times. Aging in the comfort of home is the first choice for any person who prefers being as independent as possible. Touching Hearts at Home helps make that happen.

"We offer aging adults, seniors, and people living with medical conditions or disabilities the opportunity to remain in their homes and maintain their life style of choice," says Craig Sendach, owner of Touching Hearts at Home - Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens." Touching Hearts provides one of the most affordable solutions for non-medical, in home care, with expertly trained, and meticulously selected, homecare professionals.  Their services range from assisting with the tasks of daily living, memory care, medication reminders, and more. A care plan is developed with you to meet your needs for just a few hours a day to round the clock care.   

What is most significant is the vital role of companionship offered by their caregivers. Recognizing that staying socially active is an important part of healthy aging, a caregiver can accompany you to what they call "Hearts and Arts" outings in the big apple. This can include anything from visiting family and friends, Doctor's appointments, or going to the theatre.

"I realized through my family's experiences that people requiring care don't always know where to turn," continues Sendach. "We are committed to helping families and individuals make decisions they won't regret. Caring is what we do." As a member of your professional care team, the company's local presence helps provide a reliable, consistent level of care, with an office staff available 24/7.

Touching Hearts at Home was founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota by Renae Peterson. She began providing solutions for seniors to remain in their homes in 1996. The challenges that come with the natural progression of aging can make some of the daily tasks of living seem daunting when living without some extra help.  "We make what seems impossible, possible," says Peterson. "Aging adults and people living with disabilities can now continue to thrive in their community and take advantage of the social and cultural opportunities unique to New York City."

Touching Hearts at Home – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens is located at 275 Madison Avenue and can be reached by calling (212) 201-6139. The company's website at offers more information and a complete description of the services offered.   

SOURCE Touching Hearts at Home - Manhattan