Tough but Meaningful - RELLECIGA is Sexier Now

Aug 26, 2013, 08:30 ET from RELLECIGA from ,

HOUSTON, Aug. 26, 2013 /PRNewswrie/ -- How to be sexy? There are a lot of methods. Tossing your hair and wearing makeup. Also some research institutes may have more tell you about the rules of attraction. So as a lady, there are some clear ways to be attractive, of course, including putting your body into a RELLECIGA bikini.

On the other hand, as a fashion brand, the way to sexy will be much more difficult. But why does RELLECIGA ("RC") try to be sexy? Ask yourself: are you willing to be attractive or not? All RELLECIGA bikinis should be designed to be sexy enough. Our quality should be sexy, our service should be sexy, and after all, each girl in RELLECIGA should be sexy. So we've tried our best in the past year.

How to be sexy? We believe the key to a perfect bikini is its design. In 2013, RIDI (the RELLECIGA Industrial Design Institute) was established in Paris, France. Paris, an ancient city, is famous for its strong sense of culture and avant-garde fashion trends. Row upon row of flagship stores line the streets of Paris. Leopard print carpets, crystal chandeliers and transparent glass walls, these are the particular noble temperaments of this city. Meanwhile, the international well-known Paris Fashion week is another symbol of this city. In Paris, the most intelligent designers get together and the latest fashion trends float in the atmosphere. RIDI is located in this city, collecting every inspiration for our designs. So you will find a refreshed temperament in all of our designs in the 2014 line.

In May 2012, RC published its first advertisement in Time Square in New York, and became the first professional bikini brand to advertise in Time Square. This is the starting line for our global marketing strategy. In 2013 RC is pushing forward the globalization steps. At the beginning of 2012, "RELLECIGA" had no more than 1 thousand searching results on Google. By now, there are over 220 thousand. Every month, there are over 1,000 news reports for RC; this is a big number for a bikini manufacture. A report shows that RELLECIGA had 1,532 news reports worldwide from July 1-31. For another famous bikini manufacture, there were only no more than 500 reports. Is that sexy? You will find that the RC bikini that you are wearing is the most popular on the internet.

In October 2012 RC and a research company carried out a survey of online bikinis customers to discover what you care about most in a bikini. We got significant data that 43% of customers prefer bright colors, 37% of customers prefer print pattern. So this season you, our valued customers, will find that an RC Bikini series with bright neon colors and digital print floral patterns that are widely used. Neon color was a headache for the cloth industry, as these bright colors will easily fade, even when applied on swimwear. RC updated its producing engineering. We employ digital print equipment to print our swimwear cloth, just like print photos, rather than traditional chemical dyeing. With digital print technology we can create any effect on RC bikinis, and the pattern will appear vivid.

The way to be sexy is tough but meaningful. The world's sexiest women wear the world's sexiest. RC is aimed at providing the best and sexiest bikinis to our customers. On August 15, a year since our last advertising activity, RC's advertisement was published on New York Time Square. In the past year, RC has established a design team in Paris, named RIDI, to get the latest fashion trends and has started its global marketing framework and carried out a series of promotions to introduce RELLECIGA to the whole world. Also, RC has updated its manufacture engineering. All that we do is just for a simple target: producing the best bikini.

RC is not afraid of tough things and has the courage the take all the challenges, as long as it is meaningful for our customers. Know more about the sexier RELLECIGA; please browse our official website: and get the latest news from our official page on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you want to be a part of us, feel free to contact us via email: or cellphone: 86-18665064620 (Mr. Bill Fang). Talking to our sales person - Sunny - face to face in our retail outlet is also warmly welcomed: 116 Sharps Town Ctr, Houston, TX. You can also call Sunny by telephone: (281) 968-4849.