Towering Oceans by Zig Zag Zoom, a Next Generation Tower Building Game that Takes Mobile Gamers to New Heights!

Resource Management Sim Mobile Game that Combines 3D Graphics, Character Collection, Deep Customization, Horizontal Navigation, Fun Quests and Social Features

May 14, 2015, 11:10 ET from Zig Zag Zoom

LOS ANGELES, May 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Zig Zag Zoom's mobile game Towering Oceans takes tower building to a whole new level. Developed by SAN Games, this resource management sim game has 3D graphics, character collection, detailed customization, horizontal navigation, fun quests, and robust social features. Aligned with Zig Zag Zoom's mission to Have Fun and Do Good, the game's premise highlights rising sea levels produced by climate change. For assistance with climate change and clean energy themes in the game, Zig Zag Zoom consulted with Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), one of the world's largest environmental organizations.

News Facts

  • Towering Oceans, a 3D resource management simulation mobile game, is available today on the iTunes App Store and is the second game to release from Zig Zag Zoom, the company founded with the mission to Have Fun and Do Good.
  • Towering Oceans features deep game play and multiple innovations including 3D graphics, character collection, detailed customization, horizontal navigation, fun quests, robust social features and more.
  • The game's premise highlights a world altered by sea level rise. For input on climate change themes in the game, Zig Zag Zoom consulted with Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), one of the world's largest environmental organizations.

Towering Oceans Features

  • BUILD YOUR OWN 3D ECO-TOWER!  This is the only tower, resource management simulation game where you can build a skyscraper in the seven seas!
    • Salvage materials, save your friends, and build new homes in your tower.
    • Become an entrepreneur, and start a collection of floating businesses.
    • Discover desert islands and build a whole new civilization with the friends you saved!  Soon, you'll be managing the whole population.
    • Upgrade your ship to go further and faster across the seven seas.
    • Visit your friends' ships to compare towers and share building tips!
    • Talk to Dr. Jones to receive new adventures and quests across the seven seas.
    • Team up with construction robot "Mr. Snark," your own personal ARK-itect.
    • Work with the mysterious Kitty-Gal to boost your ship's output.
    • Collect "Hero" characters to add high skills and high fashion to your ship!

Towering Oceans Story

Rising sea levels have covered the earth and you've lost your beloved leaving you with only one tiny ship. Luckily, the guardians of the seas are here to help! Build your seagoing tower high, and venture into the open ocean on a quest to find your beloved and save humanity.

On your sailing way, you need to decorate and customize your ship, fuel your engine with recycled material, and go green by upgrading your engine to run on sustainable power!

As the Tower Captain, you will need to manage your residents, keep them fed, clothed, and happy, and match their skills with their dream jobs. Recruit special Hero residents to help keep things shipshape!  Perfect your ship, and sail far enough to visit new oceans. Cast a wide net in the search for your lost loved one, and possibly an undiscovered island.


Thomas Kang, CEO of Zig Zag Zoom:  "Towering Oceans is a truly unique, one-of-a-kind mobile game for everyone that combines great entertainment with awareness for environmental issues in a seamless way. The game's beautiful art and multiple innovations exemplify the teamwork between Zig Zag Zoom and San Games, the development team behind Towering Oceans."

Gunjoong Kim, CEO of San Games "Our partnership with Zig Zag Zoom helps expand our reach to millions of the mobile gamers in Western markets. We're proud to work with EDF and Zig Zag Zoom's mobiliz3 platform so we can make it easy for mobile gamers to give back to society."


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About Zig Zag Zoom

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Zig Zag Zoom (Z3) is a mobile game publisher built on the principle that people want to both Have Fun and Do Good. Z3's mission is to be a world-leading network for mobile games that Entertains, Connects, and Empowers millions of daily users to support the causes they care about by simply playing fun mobile games. Founded by a team of former senior Disney executives and partnered with China's largest independent mobile gaming platform iDreamSky, Z3 has decades of combined game development and publishing experience, as well as exceptional access to the Chinese market. Along with a slate of games releasing in 2015, Z3 is launching mobiliz3, a proprietary platform that empowers gamers to support their favorite causes while playing their favorite games. Z3 seeks to change the world for good…one game at a time. The company can be found online at

About San Games

SAN, a game developer based in South Korea, stands for "Superb Artisans Nest" and is designed around flexibility to adapt to the fast-moving pace of technology trends and changes.

SAN's goal is to lead the gaming market through the next era and provide the best quality content on the market.  

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