Toyota Vitz Brand Movie "#Humanness" Released on Toyota's Official YouTube Channel, Timed with Launch of Vitz with Toyota Safety Sense C Collision Avoidance Support Package

- Package Based on Idea of "Newest Safety Technology for Compact Car Driven by All Types of People" -

Jul 08, 2015, 01:00 ET from Toyota Marketing Japan Corporation

TOKYO, July 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Toyota Vitz brand movie #Humanness, which illustrates in video the concept of safety based on the idea of "the newest (*1) safety technology for a compact car driven by all types of people," premiered on Wednesday, July 1, 2015, in conjunction with the launch of the Toyota Vitz, which is equipped with Toyota's advanced collision avoidance support package (*2) "Toyota Safety Sense C" born from the pursuit of "Real-world Safety" resulting from earnest collision research reflected in product development.

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This video captures "very human" moments that can occur in daily life when people become distracted by other things. Presented here are a succession of moments that viewers can unwittingly sympathize with from having experienced themselves, including a cute baby becoming distracted by a camera and running into a bed, a young boy crashing into a pole after becoming focused on a ball, a beautiful girl being swallowed by a wave the instant she turns to smile, or an old woman who has her belongings taken by a dog after being distracted with an acquaintance. The video is comprised of content illustrating human behavior that anyone can experience in daily life regardless of age, gender, or nationality.

Anybody can become distracted. To protect against such moments, the newest (*1) collision avoidance support package Toyota Safety Sense C has been equipped (*2) on the Vitz compact car driven by all types of people. We hope that this video serves to help people realize the importance of safety.

(*1) In Toyota history
(*2) Available as an option for the F"M Package, F, F"Smart Stop Package, and the special spec vehicle F"Smart Style. Comes as a standard feature on all other models.

SOURCE Toyota Marketing Japan Corporation