TraceSpan's DOCSIS Xpert™ Supports 8x4 Channel Bonding

Leading DOCSIS 3.0 multi-layer analyzer can now utilize the DOCSIS 3.0 support for bonding of 8 downstream channels

Feb 06, 2013, 11:00 ET from TraceSpan Communications

RA'ANANA, Israel, February 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

TraceSpan™ Communications, a leader in broadband analysis and monitoring solutions, announced today the general availability of the bonding solution for 8 downstream channels and 4 upstream channels in its DOCSIS Xpert™ 5300 analyzer.

DOCSIS Xpert is a powerful protocol analyzer which provides full visibility into the DOCSIS network and equipment, including detailed network topology and complete and accurate analysis for troubleshooting of DOCSIS product performance, standard compliance and interoperability. DOCSIS Xpert captures and analyzes the signals without using any DOCSIS chipset and has no effect on the data transfer between the CMTS and the CMs. With its unique multi-layer probing capability, it provides comprehensive DOCSIS 3.0 PHY and MAC layer analysis from multiple upstream and downstream bonded channels simultaneously. It supports both DOCSIS 3.0 and EuroDOCSIS 3.0 as well as the legacy DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS 2.0, 1.1 and 1.0.

"Since its launch in late 2011, DOCSIS Xpert received excellent market acceptance and has been purchased by a number of MSOs and manufacturers", said Dr. Hanan Herzberg, TraceSpan founder and CEO. "Now, as MSOs are looking to offer more bandwidth over their DOCSIS 3.0 networks, they need a tool to test the 8x4 bonding configuration, which is becoming widely used in their networks. DOCSIS Xpert's enhancement to support 8 downstream channels addresses this need extremely well, expands its capabilities even further and makes it the most comprehensive DOCSIS testing tool in the market today".

Support for the 8x4 bonding configuration is available as an option in new DOCSIS Xpert systems and may also be added on to existing systems by purchasing additional software and hardware modules. Some of TraceSpan's customers have already purchased this enhancement for their DOCSIS Xpert systems and can now utilize the full 8x4 bonding capabilities in their testing environment.

DOCSIS Xpert's intuitive user interface displays detailed information for the physical layer, MAC layer and upper layer protocols, thus allowing its users to quickly and easily monitor and troubleshoot their DOCSIS equipment and networks. Cutting significant time from DOCSIS development, deployment, troubleshooting and interoperability testing, DOCSIS Xpert accelerates time to market and return on investment.

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