TrackingPoint Showcases Networked Battlefield, Smart Rifle Technologies Via "Future Of War" Website And Video

Oct 07, 2013, 13:00 ET from TrackingPoint

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- TrackingPoint™, creator of the world's first Precision Guided Firearm (PGF) system, today unveiled, a new microsite illustrating the potential ways the company's remarkable innovations will impact warfare in the future. From handoffs of tagged-and-targeted enemy combatants among squad members, to video screens that allow commanders to remotely "see" through a soldier's rifle optics, TrackingPoint's new "Future of War" site is designed to provoke discussion, debate and new ideas.

Headlining the "Future of War" site is a video that simulates, using live-action footage, how smart rifle technology can provide an unparalleled tactical advantage. The one-minute video can also be viewed on YouTube (warning: video portrays violent battlefield action).

"As TrackingPoint has disrupted traditional small arms and optics technologies with the smart rifle by combining target tracking, sensor arrays, and ballistic computation with integrated firing systems, we have also conceived of a new era of warfare over the next few decades," stated Jason Schauble, CEO of TrackingPoint, himself a highly decorated former Marine infantry officer who saw action in the war in Iraq.

"Collaboration is in our company DNA—shooters, veterans, engineers and inventors sit side by side everyday, mapping out our vision of the future and the products that will give hunters and shooters, as well as those who serve our nation, a competitive edge," Schauble continued. "We intend 'Future of War' to be a site where we can show updates and concepts of some of the most interesting work related to our technology, and provide insight into the process of growing a company's vision into reality."

TrackingPoint's PGF smart rifle system, introduced earlier this year, enables a shooter to track and hit moving targets at extreme ranges and to achieve mastery within minutes.

"We believe our PGF technology, thanks to its internal sensors, computing power and communication architecture, can form the core platform for a networked battlefield," stated Schauble. "Dynamic, interactive operating pictures using a commercially-available tablet PC, inter- and intra-squad target handoffs, constant streams of near real-time critical data running between squad members, units, and command structures—these are no longer abstract concepts. They're real capabilities that are months, not years away."

TrackingPoint will continue to demonstrate new prototypes and capabilities on the Future of War microsite. The company welcomes public feedback at on the site itself or at  

About TrackingPoint
TrackingPoint is an Austin, Texas-based applied technology company that created the first Precision Guided Firearm, a revolutionary new long-range shooting system that puts jet fighter lock-and-launch technology in a rifle, enabling anyone to accurately hit targets at extended ranges.

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