Trail Blazer Sidoti & Co., LLC Will Host Its Eighth Micro-Cap Conference

Jan 08, 2014, 10:00 ET from Sidoti & Co., LLC

NEW YORK, Jan. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- On January 13, Sidoti & Co., LLC will introduce 70 micro-cap companies that are largely unknown on Wall Street to an audience of more than 500 investors.  The research boutique, now 15 years old, still avows that micro-cap equities (which it defines as having under-$250 million capitalizations) represent a treasure trove of opportunity.  That view – first met with skepticism – was substantiated by Sidoti's vigorous flow of research and a series of semi-annual micro-cap conferences (January 13's gathering will be the eighth such event).  Having started off building up a powerful brand of small-cap research coverage, then moving into the enticing but uncharted waters of the micro-caps, Sidoti is now the "axe" in micro-cap equity coverage, owing to a formula of issuing high-quality, timely research, recognizing that corporate access is investors' number one priority, and topping it off with a superior direct distribution system.

Sidoti has four key micro-cap goals for 2014.  First is enlarging the conference platform and making it more visible.  Second is growing sales team set in place to market only micro-cap names directly to institutions.  Third is boosting the number of micro-cap stocks monitored from the current 200-plus, enhancing the product's consistency and ensuring that it provides real value for clients.  Perhaps most important, the firm intends to provide more management access.  In 2013, Sidoti sponsored a notable 1,025 "non-deal" road-show days, 130 of which were for micro-cap names.  All together, the firm put 435 management teams in front of about 550 its clients.  By year-end 2014, Sidoti expects to host at least 250 "non-deal" road-show days for micro-cap names – nearly a 100% gain year over year.   

Sidoti differs from other Wall Street research houses by avowing that investment opportunities in the sub-$250 million market cap arena are just too valuable to be ignored.  The firm believes quality research and an effective system to communicate these great stories will continue to underpin its success.  The array of intriguing (and actionable) ideas that will emerge at the January 13 Micro-Cap Conference should go a long way to corroborate that message.

Meanwhile, the firm addresses more than just micro-cap equities, and is not a newcomer or small player on the Street.  More than 75 Sidoti analysts provide research on nearly 700 companies with market capitalizations primarily below $2.5 billion, and a staff of nearly 40 institutional salesmen dedicated to the small- and micro-cap arenas is second to none.  We are proud that of what we built over the last 15 years and look forward to the next 15 with more enthusiasm and optimism than ever before.  For further information about the event contact:  Lynn Orenstein 212-453-7031 or

SOURCE Sidoti & Co., LLC