Train Like a Professional - Omegawave Brings Physiological Readiness Service to Consumers

Feb 05, 2013, 17:05 ET from Omegawave

LONDON, February 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Omegawave's physiological assessment technology has been used for years by professional athletes and teams, such as FC Barcelona, AC Milan and Manchester United. A new cloud/smartphone-based Omegawave mobile service is now available to every fitness enthusiast and competitive athlete looking to improve his or her sports performance.

The Omegawave service is a revolutionary physiological feedback tool that quickly, non-stressfully, and non-invasively assesses an individual's readiness for training. Until now, valuable data like this could only be obtained under laboratory conditions, which are costly, invasive and stressful. The Omegawave service puts professional sports science into every fitness enthusiast's and athlete's hands with measurements taken in two minutes, at rest, prior to activity.

Omegawave's physiological feedback is designed to help individual athletes and fitness enthusiasts make smarter decisions about their training and exercise plans for today by providing individualized information on stress, fatigue and recovery status.  

In two minutes at rest the Omegawave ECG Sensor Belt measures and records data that analyses cardiac fatigue, stress level and adaptation reserves. The Omegawave mobile application then provides the results in the form of personalized training advice, recovery guidelines and aerobic readiness trends directly on the user's smartphone or tablet computer. The outcome is improved athletic performance, fitness and overall health. 

Key benefits of Omegawave include:

  • Optimizes daily training. The Omegawave service provides a holistic view of an individual's physiological readiness so that both training and recovery can be optimized. Critical biofeedback guides training decisions, including personalized training zones, intensity, and duration.
  • Identifies early signs of fatigue and overtraining. Injury or illness brought on by overtraining, stress, and fatigue can interfere with peak performance as much as undertraining. The Omegawave service provides warnings that help users to minimize the risk of overtraining and injury.
  • Tracks athletic progress and adaptation. Omegawave's aerobic readiness index provides individuals with a view on how his or her body is adapting to exercise and how their endurance is developing. The trend report indicates the user's relative position in the super-compensation curve.  

Juha Pinomaa, CEO of Omegawave, commented, "For years our technology has been used by the world's best professional sports athletes and coaches. We are delighted to bring now our new mobile readiness application to passionate athletes everywhere to help them train more effectively."

The patented Omegawave technology has its roots in Russian sports science and space medicine. Since the commercial system was first piloted in the early 2000s, thousands of professional athletes globally have used this proprietary technology to gain a competitive edge. Omegawave's technology has been validated by studies conducted by various sports science and research institutions worldwide. 

The cloud-based Omegawave service is now available for risk-free trial. With the purchase of an ECG Sensor Belt, the athlete receives a free three-month subscription to the Omegawave readiness assessment service. Omegawave mobile application runs currently on Android and iOS operating systems. During the trial period users can convert to a monthly subscription or return the ECG Sensor Belt for a full refund.  

Praise from Omegawave Beta Testers

"After my phone wakes me up, I put on the Omegawave belt, and 2 minutes later I get feedback about how well I am recovered and how stressed my body is from training and work." - Triathlete, Austria.

"I love Omegawave because I can adjust my workout intensity and avoid overtraining, while still training at my full capacity. After experiencing overtraining once, it's something I don't want to go through again." - Triathlete, Finland.

"I am a hobby mountain biker and since I started training with Omegawave I improved my best time on my home mountain of 1 hour 45 minutes to 1 hour 23 minutes. Using daily measurement I could detect diseases and over-training in time and improve my training routine. Daily use is very pleasant; the time required is very low." - Mountain Biker, Germany.

"Omegawave is especially useful for amateur athletes who train besides working 40+ hours/week, like me. With Omegawave I know how hard I can train and it warns me when stress arising from training or work might impact my recovery." - Triathlete, Austria.

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About Omegawave

Based on research in sports science and space medicine, Omegawave provides leading methods for monitoring an athlete's functional condition. Omegawave provides instantly relevant advice on the optimum amount of intensity and volumes of training. By identifying an athlete's physiologically limiting factors and providing guidelines to eliminate them, Omegawave helps to improve performance, prevent overtraining, decrease injuries and improve fitness and overall health. Omegawave technology has been used by multiple Olympic Federations, premier soccer teams such as FC Barcelona, teams from the NFL, MLS, and NHL, and various other leading sports organizations. The company's global headquarters are in Espoo, Finland.

Notes to editor:

Pricing Information R.R.P:

  • ECG  sensor belt: €99 (incl. VAT) / £79 (incl. VAT) / $99 (excl. tax)
  • Service per month: €9.90 (incl. VAT) / £7.90 (incl. VAT) / $9.90 (excl. tax)
  • Three-month packages: €29.70 (incl. VAT) / £23.70 (incl. VAT) / $29.70 (excl. tax)
  • Introductory offer includes free three-month service with the purchase of the ECG sensor belt available at

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