Transfer America Reports Top 5 Reasons Why Timeshare Owners Want Out

Oct 14, 2010, 07:51 ET from Transfer America

TORRANCE, Calif., Oct. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- In the timeshare market today, many owners are most interested in a way out of their timeshares. Over the years, there have been many well-cited reasons to get out of a timeshare ranging from poor customer service all the way to high costs. Here is a list of the top five reasons to get out of your timeshare as reported by Transfer America based upon ARDA’s recently published 2010 Shared Vacation Ownership Owners Report.

#1 – Timeshare Maintenance Fees Are Too High

Of all the people surveyed, an overwhelming 3/4 agreed that timeshare maintenance fees are too high. Maintenance fees are always listed as the number one complaint from owners because they must be paid every single year, and increase every single year by approximately 12%. Timeshare owners today are feeling more like the cost of timeshare maintenance fees is not proportional to what they are paying for.

#2 - Owning a Timeshare is an Added Expense I Cannot Afford Right Now

Attritors are the group known mostly for considering timeshare ownership to be extremely expensive and offer few benefits.  They also happen to be categorized by having owned a timeshare for the longest period of time. Amongst them, 83% believe that owning a timeshare is an unaffordable expense. This is because there are many additional associated costs like maintenance fees, special assessment costs, and property tax.

#3 – Timeshare Ownership Limits Vacation Flexibility

Timeshare ownership also brings with it the need to visit the timeshare each and every year in order to get your money's worth. Many timeshare owners complain of being stuck travelling to the same destination over and over again purely out of a sense of obligation.

#4 – Lifestyle Has Changed and Owning a Timeshare No Longer Fits

Timeshare ownership has also held owners back after their priorities and lifestyle have changed. Many people buy a timeshare assuming that they will always want to return and always have the money and time to return. As time passes, they realize that they have new priorities and want to do different things with their time or that they no longer can travel. A perfect example is when a timeshare owner has grandchildren.

#5 – Have to Make Plans too Far in Advance

Regardless of which timeshare ownership method you have, you have to plan out your vacation in advance to ensure you get the place. If you want a popular timeshare, you must book in advance, which means you will have to get the family together and time off from work ahead of time which can be difficult.

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