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Feb 08, 2016, 08:32 ET from Stori

LONDON, February 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Stori, a new storytelling platform for ethical fashion brands, announced its global beta launch today. With one in six people involved in the global fashion industry, its potential for social impact is immense. Stori aims to tell "The stories behind the goods you love," collaborating with designers and ethical fashion brands around the world to showcase the people and sustainable processes involved in their design and production. Brands are provided with a platform to tell the story behind products and shoppers are given a free service to find fashion, jewellery or homewares, ethically.

Ethical fashion has never been a hotter topic. Today's consumer is more mindful about the impact of their purchasing decision than ever before. They're starting to consider environmental impact and the livelihoods of others when purchasing goods and services. Celebrities have also become ethical fashion spokespeople, advocating for brands and causes they care about. Fast Fashion is experiencing increased criticism after the release of exposé films such as 'The True Cost'. With an ethical consciousness on the rise, Stori aims to better connect consumers to brands that are making beautiful products and doing good, to tell their stories.

Co-founder Elisha London (former UK Director of Global Citizen) and Tabea Hughes (former Head of Product at Reformation) began their journey in ethical fashion together late last year.  London is an expert in social impact, having worked on the launch of Global Citizen in the UK and the World Bank. Hughes has expertise in fashion and sustainability, and played a key role in bringing Reformation into the wardrobes of trendy millennials. Banding together, London and Hughes are out to demonstrate that fashion and ethical don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Leading by example, London has vowed to replace her entire wardrobe with ethical fashion pieces exclusively, piece by piece, stating, "The clothes we buy can either have a positive impact on the world and people's lives, or a negative one. I'm putting my own wardrobe on the line to prove that it's possible to have a stylish, ethical wardrobe. Making good choices by buying sustainable products is a great way for individuals to make a meaningful difference in the world." Her journey will be documented on the Global & Smart blog.

Already featuring brands such as Eileen Fisher, Cred, Fortress of Inca, Kitty Ferreira, and Soko, Stori is braced for a busy year of growth in 2016.

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Stori is an initiative of Global & Smart. Established in Australia in 2008 by Co-Founder, Kate Brennan, Global & Smart exists to reclaim the meaning of 'good' in goods.  Press kit available at /

Elisha London - Co-Founder, Global & Smart

Tabea Hughes - Co-Founder, Global & Smart Agency