Travall Launch New Car Safety Campaign Video

May 01, 2013, 03:00 ET from Travall

DERBY, England, May 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Leading manufacturer of quality dog guards, Travall, release latest car safety video examining the dangers of driving with unsecured cargo in the vehicle.

Each year people are killed in road traffic accidents by unsecured objects stored in the rear of their car. Pets, groceries, tool boxes and other cargo can prove to be fatal in a collision, especially if the car is travelling at a significant speed. The latest video by Travall looks at the importance of adding appropriate safety measures and highlights the danger of unsecured cargo in a UK safety testing facility.

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Hatchback, estate and SUV drivers typically use the additional space in their trunk to transport pets and other cargo however the recent study by Travall examines the dangers posed by even a weekly grocery trip. Dog guards are used to create a secure barrier between the passenger compartment and the trunk space. The safety video compares a universal dog guard designed to fit in a range of different cars with a Travall vehicle specific model which is made to fit the exact make and model of a vehicle. The video highlights the drawbacks of the universal guard, demonstrating the lack of security that it offers. The Travall dog guard fared better in the initial test, fitting the exact dimensions of the vehicle and allowing uninterrupted curtain airbag deployment which is ideal for passenger safety.

The video also shows Travall's products being put to the test in the independent Myra Testing Facility in Warwickshire, UK, used by many major car manufacturers to test vehicle safety. The professional safety testers replicated a head on collision at 30mph using 10kg test blocks to represent the weight of an average golden retriever. In the crash scenario experts discovered that the average family dog will exert 900kg force in a collision if the car is travelling at 30mph, a force that can easily prove fatal in a real accident. The Travall dog guard stood up to the test during the safety demonstration, taking the brunt of the force and spreading it through the vehicle.

All Travall dog guards and dividers come with a lifetime guarantee against product failure, a confident incentive offered by the manufacturer that will no doubt offer peace of mind to cautious drivers. To find out more about Travall head to

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