Travelling for Health: The Potential for Medical Tourism

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Travelling for health: The potential for medical tourism

This special report looks at the factors driving the growth of the medical tourism industry and identifies the countries that stand to gain the most. It includes a Medical tourism index which identifies the 20 countries who look set to take the lead in the medical tourism industry. The index ranks these countries on a series of factors related to their expertise, cost, familiarity, geographical proximity and riskiness.

How this content can help you

The number of US and European patients travelling abroad for medical treatment is likely to rise rapidly over the next few years, as cost pressures in developed-countries' healthcare systems start to bite. On the other hand, the best hospitals in developed countries will continue to attract patients, benefiting from the growing number of high-income families in developing markets.

This special report will help you to:

* Identify the countries, in both developed and developing countries, who stand to gain from the the growth in medical tourism

* Understand the key trends that are driving the demand and supply of medical tourism

* Get to grips with the key players in the industry and how different countries are responding

What this service includes

Overview of the medical tourism industry

* Background information on the industry and its recent growth

* Implications for governments, healthcare providers and insurers

* Assesment of market size

Industry drivers

* Analysis of the "push" and "pull" factors behind the growth of the medical tourism industry

Medical tourism index

* Ranking of the 20 countries who look set to take the lead in the medical tourism industry

* Countries are ranked on a series of factors related to expertise, cost, familiarity, geographical proximity and riskiness

* Includes 3 additional rankings that focus on the strength of a country's medical system, its proximity and riskiness, and its cost

* A ranking of the top-10 "low-cost" medical tourism countries is also provided

Regional analysis

* Analysis of the demand, supply and legislation for medical tourism in the U.S, Europe and Asia

* Analysis of notable countries and healthcare companies


* Evaluation of the main issues currently facing medical tourism, namely: government policy, the potential for public-private partnerships, quality control and international accreditation


2 Overview: Travelling for health

3 Business implications

5 Market size: A numbers game

6 Industry drivers: Pushing and pulling

8 Medical tourism index: Where to look

8 Expertise: Centres of excellence

10 Ease of travel/familiarity: The nearer the better

12 Risk environment: Treading carefully

13 Cost: Affordable care

14 Conclusions

17 Regional factors: US unique

18 Bold plans: The effect of US healthcare reforms

19 Low-cost options: Insurers make a move

20 Regulation

22 Regional factors: Europe enters the frame

24 Legally bound: The effect of the EU Directive

25 The effects: A still-divided continent

26 Challenges ahead: The task of implementation

28 Regional factors: Asia's trade in patients

29 Corporate hospitals steam ahead

31 Government policies: The art of copying

32 For equity's sake

33 Risks for sending countries: Race to the bottom

35 Quality and safety: Accept no compromise?

36 International accreditation: Private push

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Medical Facility Industry: Travelling for health: The potential for medical tourism

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